Comprehensive Court Supervision Management

Odyssey Supervision does it all — pre-trial, probation, and drug and specialty courts management for both adults and juveniles. Supervision eliminates the need for multiple offender and case tracking systems.  Centralize your document imaging and reporting, supervisory functions, and forms processing.

  • Integrated forms generation
  • Document management
  • Caseload and phase management
  • Assessment and drug test tracking
  • Contact scheduling features for officers
  • Workflow and task management

Comprehensive View of Cases

Supervision is an adult case tracking and juvenile referral and case tracking system. Integrated forms processing enables you to produce complex documents, such as motions to revoke probation, including custom paragraphs for specific conditions. Document management ensures that supervision information is accurate. You can easily track parties’ compliance with conditions, drug testing history, and treatment placements, as well as configure risk and needs assessment questionnaires to meet your specific needs.

Complete Financials

Integrated access enables you to view any fees that clerks are collecting and monitor fees that you are collecting. You can also track fees as they are levied and collected.

Flexible and Intuitive

Supervision officers can use contact scheduling features via an integrated workspace, as well as view current caseloads and the day’s hearings and contacts. Available party information extends to relationships, institutions, and places of employment. Relevant information displays in an intuitive interface with streamlined data sharing capabilities so that you don’t waste time searching for or re-entering critical data. With Odyssey Supervision, you can also perform List Manager queries and actions for mass updates, and even reassign an officer’s caseload to another and print letters for all defendants who missed their contacts on a given day.

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