Integrated Appraisal Software

Jurisdictions of all sizes can manage every aspect of the property assessment process with Orion Appraisal. Use this leading computer-assisted mass appraisal (CAMA) solution to manage comprehensive property data, including assessment administration, property maintenance, and valuation and appeals.

  • Calculate fair and equitable property valuations
  • Apply multiple appraisal methodologies
  • Apply multiple appraisal methodologies
  • Stay on top of legislation
  • Streamline daily operations and boost productivity
  • Centralize essential information, including third-party software and data
  • Seamless integration with geographic information systems, such as Esri® ArcGIS
  • Process extensions and appeals with ease

Establish Fair, Equitable, and Defendable Property Values

Easily compile, list, and analyze detailed information to calculate accurate valuations for all types of properties. In the process, you'll establish fair, equitable, and defendable values; save time; enjoy fewer appeals; and increase constituent trust.

  • Search for and access existing property data, maps, and other information
  • Execute market modeling within your CAMA software
  • Develop, calibrate, and test your model(s) using cost, market, or income appraisal methods
  • Generate property values that are defendable to taxpayers and review boards
  • Save time and resources with the latest mobile technology
  • Provide transparency for fewer appeals and increased taxpayer trust

Streamline Exemptions Processing

With Orion's assessment administration features, you can enable your staff to process all kinds of exemptions and adjustments quickly and easily.

  • Process homestead exemptions, exemption caps, partial exemptions, tax increment financing, and tax abatement incentives
  • Customize your business rules, data fields, and calculations for each exemption type
  • Tailor your assessment classes and roll corrections to fit the needs of your jurisdiction
  • Create assessment page settings based on property types and hierarchy

Bring Together Your Most Valuable Information

Access and view the most commonly used third-party software programs and data sources all within this single application. Increase efficiency by achieving a complete, comprehensive view of all the information you need.

  • Seamless integration with geographic information systems (GIS), such as Esri® ArcGIS
  • Locate parcels, access property information, and review comparable sales within up-to-date maps
  • Create and save custom property lists based on geographic data
  • Add land records integration with Tyler's Eagle™ land and official records software (link to product detail page)
  • Produce custom queries to search for specific property types and characteristics
  • See three-dimensional views of properties and calculate specific measurements

Easily Manage Important Aspects of the Appeals Process

Take charge of your appeals process by minimizing prep time, eliminating manual efforts, reducing errors, and streamlining your reporting.

  • Schedule the dates of appeals hearings based on your jurisdiction's preferences
  • Define appeals level for each jurisdiction, including before and after values at each appeal level
  • Provide correspondence and exhibit tracking
  • Add, close, and produce reports on your appeals hearings
  • Customize your business rules for automatic settling of appeals

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