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Work Smarter With Records Management

Transform the efficiency and productivity of your recording office with Records Management, Tyler’s land and official records software solution. You can access the tools you need to tackle your jurisdiction’s most complex recording challenges all within a single, unified system.

Streamline Processes to Better Serve Constituents

Records Management is the foundation to establishing better, more streamlined processes in your office. Its flexibility lets you configure the system to best meet your needs, as well as the needs of your constituents. Expand the range of services you offer with added features that further ensure the successful and efficient management of your jurisdiction’s records.

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Record and File Documents Easily

Records Management gives you the flexibility to record and file your documents your way. Receive documents by multiple cashiers at multiple locations and from multiple sources — over-the-counter, U.S. mail, title companies, and electronic submissions.

  • Rely on software that supports all document and non-document transaction types — copies, search fees, and certified copies
  • Cashier documents in batches or individually with fees automatically calculated based on criteria such as document type or number of pages
  • Print receipts and bar code labels automatically after cashiering
  • Receive a steady stream of enhancements over the life of your solution without any relicensing fees as part of your annual maintenance or SaaS agreement
  • Simplify and speed up scanning of large numbers of images due to the bar codes and the information they hold
  • Index documents manually or with the help of Intelligent Indexing & Redaction

Streamline Work With Third Parties

Records Management makes it easy to work with outside title companies and other third parties through its streamlined eRecording application. You can receive electronic documents and accept or reject them based on the same principles as the recording of paper documents.

  • Stamp all fee and recording information electronically on all accepted documents
  • Enter a reason on rejected documents and send them back to the submitter
  • Accept documents sent individually or as a batch
  • Receive recording fees through an electronic fund transfer (EFT) payment process
  • Rely on daily reports to show the amount of recording fees due from electronic documents

Reduce Manual Work and Keystrokes

Use specifically designed tools that help you automate many of your scanning and indexing functions.

  • Identify and apply redaction to scanned documents automatically based on pre-defined and configured business rules
  • Pre-fill index fields automatically with data extracted and processed during the Intelligent Indexing & Redaction process
  • Click on names or other information to fill in index fields without the need for manual typing

Find the Information You Need Quickly

Searching for records is quick and painless. Since Tyler's Records Management tracks everything in the system, powerful search engines can find every receipt, change, and transaction through a full audit history.

  • Define, broaden, or narrow search results using a few or many fields
  • View results in lists or individually
  • Sort results by a click of the column header
  • Save queries you perform often to reduce keystrokes

Minimize Risk in Your Operations

Tyler has a long-standing commitment to bring clients unique and flexible solutions that last for generations to come. Through our ongoing software investments, evergreen philosophy, and EverGuide® initiatives, you can trust in Tyler to address your unique problems today with solutions that last well beyond tomorrow.

  • Choose to host Records Management on your servers or have us deliver it over our trusted and safe networks
  • Rest easy knowing your data and information will be accessible, secure, and reliable
  • Save time and resources by letting Tyler manage your connectivity, reliability, security, and disaster recovery through cloud computing
  • Receive a steady stream of enhancements over the life of your solution without any relicensing fees as part of your annual maintenance or SaaS agreement
  • Enjoy always having the industry’s latest and best technology in your solution
  • Rest easy knowing that you have access to a collection of training and support services that help you maximize the investment and usage of your solution

The Power of Connections

Explore our interactive graphic to learn how Tyler is connecting public administration departments in larger local governments and see the advantages of specific integrations. Whether linking public works to HR, permitting to accounting, or assessors to planners, our integrated solutions make valuable connections across your organization and within your community.

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Taking Efficiency to the Next Level

Joyce Hudman, county clerk for Brazoria County, Texas, discusses how Tyler's Records Management and marriage kiosks have helped her office improve processes, cut out manual work, and save time both for staff and constituents.

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Department Saves Time and Gains Efficiency by Using Records Management to Apply Digitized Signatures

Records Management's flexible, highly configurable platform helps you resolve your jurisdiction’s unique challenges. The County of Sonoma Clerk-Recorder-Assessor Department uses digitized signatures through Tyler's Records Management to streamline the marriage license process.

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Records Management Is the Last Land & Official Records Solution You’ll Need

With Tyler's Records Management, you have access to all the tools you need to effectively manage your recording processes. It not only helps you increase operational efficiency, it also makes your jurisdiction more transparent to the constituents it serves.

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Painting the vision of fully connected communities.

At Tyler, we imagine a world where all city, county, and regional government services are connected within a healthy digital infrastructure. Connecting data, processes, and people makes communities safer, smarter, and more responsive to the needs of residents.

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