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From the moment the phone rings until help arrives and an incident concludes, dispatchers and the officers on the scene need accurate, timely, and relevant information. That’s where the Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) Pro solution from Public Safety Pro comes in. Beginning to end, this software empowers you to make effective decisions to keep citizens and officers safe.

  • Silent Dispatching

  • NCIC and LETS Searches

  • Visual Safety Alerts

  • Resource Allocation

  • Automatic Notifications

  • Detailed Call History

  • Mobile Option

Priority One: Safety

When responding to a call, safety is the top priority. The CAD Pro system was designed to empower dispatchers to share mission-critical information quickly and effectively.

  • Silent Dispatching – Using the messaging feature, internal notifications, AMBER alerts, and other incident plan details can be kept off the airways while keeping all critical personnel constantly updated
  • Visual Safety Alerts – Create warnings related to people, locations, and vehicles to alert responding officers of potential risks before they arrive on the scene – without also alerting the general population
  • Resource Allocation – Accurately dispatch the right number of officers, paramedics, fire units, and more using the software’s recommendations

Respond Faster

In an emergency, every second counts. You need software that thinks and acts as fast as you do.

  • Mapping – Use street views to route responders to the correct location faster
  • Drawing Tools – Help responding units visualize and avoid hazards to reduce the response time
  • Automatic Vehicle Locator (AVL) – Leverage software to track all available first responders in real time and easily find the best unit to respond to an incident

Immediately Access Key Information

Never again waste precious seconds looking up additional information and shave time off how long it takes to communicate those details by leveraging CAD Pro software’s user-friendly platforms.

  • Call Sheet Design – The layout enables quick, intuitive data entry when seconds count
  • Information Retrieval – Retrieve a caller’s contact information from the central database without leaving the application
  • Predictive Command Line – Enter key data faster when the software suggests the next data field
  • Smart Dispatch Button – Utilize the software to intuitively guide you through the call sheet for rapid data entry

Smart Reporting

Built to help make policing more effective, CAD Pro helps you find the information and statistical data you need to staff areas prone to crimes, easily share information with the public, improve officer response times, and so much more. 

  • Route and Vehicle History – The CAD system records and archives route and vehicle history for each incident
  • Statistical Reporting – Run statistical reports for specific areas using layers and colors
  • Incident Tracking and Mapping – Track incident details to build all of your statistical reports and display concentration of types of incidents or crimes in color blocks to visually assist you in deciding where to best allocate resources

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