Districtwide Financial Accounting and Human Resource Management

Managing school and district finances is not an easy task. Integrated with SIS K-12, SISFin™ gives you the tools you need to simplify the process. Day-to-day procedures are streamlined to ensure data integrity in an efficient manner. SISFin gives you a clear picture of your daily budget, as well as your financial forecast, so you can easily access the accurate and dependable data you need to make informed financial decisions.

  • Report on district budgets with integrated data on salary/benefit costs, inventory purchases and needs, and school organization spending.

  • Create a detailed history of financial information such as auditing reports, vendor profiles, and invoices.

  • Access customizable files on all school district personnel, including hiring history, certifications, performance evaluations, and more.

  • Allow employees to log time, request time off, and view pay stub information with payroll software.

Budget Creation

SISFin gives you control of information, easy access to reporting, and tools to assist in developing and managing your budget.

  • Prepare the annual budget with a tool that allows input from building administrators and the import of salary/benefit cost data.
  • Manage finances for student clubs, organizations, and investments at each school or districtwide.
  • Activate built-in budget constraints to prevent overspending.
  • Design your budget and financial structure as your state requires and produce up-to-the-minute financial reports.

Inventory and Purchase Tracking

These user-friendly tools are designed to help you track district inventory and purchases to make it easy to stay on budget and cut excess spending.

  • Follow school district inventory from buildings to classrooms to the individuals assigned to each item and create statements for administrators or GASB 34 reporting.
  • Create and track purchase orders from requisitions entered at the building level through vendor payment.
  • Maintain detailed information on all vendors, accounts, invoices, P-Card, receipts for checks, auditing, bank reconciliation, and reporting, as well as vendor payments by ACH.

Personnel Information

Access detailed reports on all district personnel with secured user access.

  • Easily view personnel information including contracts, degrees, hiring history, certifications, evaluation tracking, professional tracking, and assignment history.
  • Import employee data into the web-based student management system.
  • Manage authorized user access to personnel information to maintain security.

Payroll and Time Reporting

Manage payroll information in one comprehensive system and allow district employees to log their time, request time off, and view their payroll information.

  • Streamline payroll processing with employee groups, automatic account distribution, G/L posting, digitized signatures, direct deposit, leave, W-2s, state reporting, and more.
  • Provide time clock management for hourly and/or salaried employees and create the entries necessary for payroll.
  • District employees can submit leave requests, review pay stub information, and more.

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