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Unified Transportation Operations Management

School bus routing will always be at the core of your transportation operation, but your job today involves so much more. From fleet maintenance to activity trips, from vehicle tracking to parent communication, you do it all.

Student Transportation Users Include

Complete Student Transportation Management

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All-Inclusive, Integrated Functionality

Tyler's Student Transportation software manages school bus routing, fleet maintenance, and activity trips in a unified system. Traditionally, student transportation software has been offered piecemeal, with different interfaces, data sources, and requirements for training and installation.

  • Route buses
  • Plan event trips
  • Track work orders
  • Schedule fleet maintenance
  • Manage GPS data

Manage Each Street, Stop, and Student Individually

Each student's record in Student Transportation contains their unique information for scheduling and needs.

  • Global map allows for out-of-district runs
  • Add a stop with a single click
  • Place stops in realistic locations without overwriting address data
  • Geolocate a run with your smartphone
  • Automatically optimize runs for efficiency

A Better User Experience with Technology

If you're used to seeing student transportation software that feels dated and inefficient, you'll know right away that Tyler's Student Transportation solution is a game changer.

  • Touch-friendly and functional on mobile devices
  • Intuitive web-based interface
  • Customized views by role
  • Secure cloud hosting

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