Non-Emergency Community Communication

Manage non-emergency inquiries, incident reporting, complaints, and service requests with Tyler 311. Local governments and schools can set up common requests with pre-defined workflow, ensuring that reports and requests are properly routed, documented, and resolved as quickly as possible.

  • Incident reporting system for all non-emergency communications
  • Mobile app allows users to submit requests and check incident history on the go
  • Improves responsiveness to citizen requests
  • Reduces misuse of 911 emergency call system
  • Provides follow-up tracking and documentation for reporting
  • Supports behavioral reporting in schools

Convenient and Reliable Reporting

From potholes, broken streetlights, and barking dogs, citizens often don’t know which department to call. Their guesswork can cause more work for employees.

Tyler 311 provides a reliable, centralized, and efficient process to handle complaints across the organization.

  • Reports can be entered via the municipal website or by the app, My311available on iOS and Android devices
  • Citizens can log in and review other similar reports to see if there is a pattern of incidents
  • Documentation such as photos or notes can be linked to the report
  • With the mobile app, citizens can geotag the incident on an Esri® map
  • Each incident is assigned a tracking number for easy follow up

Improved Efficiency and Oversight

The same features that make this system so convenient for citizens help improve efficiency for the public works departments.

  • Citizen reporting removes the middleman and speeds up notification of incidents
  • Prebuilt incident templates reduce data entry and trigger an email notification to the appropriate department
  • Thorough documentation and GIS location helps eliminate fact finding
  • Managers can review incidents by type, priority level, region, department assignments, and more
  • With GIS location, jobs can be grouped geographically for a more efficient response
  • Integration with Munis, Tyler EAM, EnerGov, and TCM further streamlines workflow and reduces the incidence of manual errors

The Power of Connections

Explore our interactive graphic to learn how Tyler is connecting public administration departments in larger local governments and see the advantages of specific integrations. Whether linking public works to HR, permitting to accounting, or assessors to planners, our integrated solutions make valuable connections across your organization and within your community.

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Village of Wilmette, Illinois Improves Customer Service with Tyler Incident Management (Tyler 311)

By centralizing incident reporting with Tyler Incident Management (Tyler 311) and My311 mobile app, the village was able to improve responsiveness, efficiency, and citizen services.

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