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Do it All in One Complete Supervision Solution.

Tyler Supervision is a web-based SaaS solution that lets your department coordinate, communicate, record, and track each step of your client supervision process. Intuitive features help streamline client management, while multiple layers of security provide system protection at the data center, application, and user levels that is CJIS compliant and meets Amazon GovCloud requirements.

  • Integrated forms generation
  • Document management
  • Monitor cases, track financials, generate reports and more in one system
  • Track client movements with active electronic device monitoring
  • Save time and headaches with automated voice check-ins
  • Reduce missed events by sending automatic appointment reminders
  • Track and manage every aspect of a detainee’s custody
  • Update room status without extra paperwork or data input

Case Management System

Get full case monitoring and reporting capabilities for adult and juvenile probation, parole, pretrial, and diversion in one case management system. You can generate case documents, track financials, and complete any existing assessments right in Tyler Supervision. You can also take care of drug test management by assigning clients to groups and scheduling groups for random testing.

Active Electronic Device Monitoring

Our active electronic device monitoring system combines intuitive software, dependable hardware, and comprehensive support services. Device tracking is integrated into our case management system, so you can quickly create policies and zones to monitor devices. False alerts are virtually eliminated thanks to ultra-reliable electronic monitoring devices that are tamper sensitive, triggering alerts to case officers when signal jams/shields or travel outside predetermined zones occurs.

Automated Check-In

Using the latest interactive phone technologies, your clients can quickly complete check-ins by phone. Each client is verified using voice-print, biometric technology that is 99 percent accurate and they complete interviews created by you to capture the information you need for their case file. The system automatically sends text and email check-in reminders, and you can automatically generate reports, letters, and forms. Integrated with Tyler Supervision or available as a standalone system.

Automatic Appointment Reminders

The Appointment Reminder system contacts offenders the day before an appointment or hearing, making them more likely to appear and helping you recapture countless hours of lost time from missed events. You can set reminder categories for your department and send those to the offender or all involved parties. Each reminder call can be recorded and played back as needed.

Institution Management

Scalable and flexible Institution Management makes tracking, recording, moving, and reporting seamless. Systems are customized to the facility and records room assignments, approved visitors and visits, risks and medical alerts, incidents, and more. Room movements are time stamped, tracked, and logged, room checks are assigned, and incident reports can be created in the system. Shift notes are stored and locked to ensure long-term accessibility by supervisors.

Room Check

Record when room occupancy is verified and establish custom time intervals to ensure room checks are done on schedule. A durable touchscreen scanner helps you complete room checks quickly, with data synching in real time so there’s no extra paperwork or computer work needed. Everything can be monitored from any computer or tablet with an internet connection and you can run extensive reporting for each room, unit, and facility that includes date/time, staff information, and room logs.

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