Connect Student Transportation with Parents and Educators

Streamline your essential information to reduce the number of calls into your office with Versatrans e-Link®, an online student transportation information portal. With e-Link, you can keep parents well informed about transportation issues, such as where their children should wait for the bus. In addition, school staff, including registrars and secretaries, can use the system to retrieve bus stop information for new students.

  • Accurate and up to date

  • Web-based for easy access

  • Reduces support calls

  • Secure data access

Connecting Schools with the Community

Security and Transparency for Parents

Access can be allowed or restricted as needed on the user level. Parents and guardians can send messages notifying the transportation office of changes to their child's transportation needs.

  • Easy-to-use interface allows parents to find information
  • Flexible, customizable security options
  • Web-based for easy access from any device

Reduce Support Calls

Give parents exact information about their child's bus stop location and pick-up/drop-off times. Loop in district staff so that they don't have to send every inquiry to the transportation office.

  • Administrative assistants can use e-Link to answer questions on the spot
  • Changes in Versatrans Routing & Planning are updated right away
  • Lost or forgotten passwords are managed by the system

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Versatrans Doesn’t Stop at e-Link

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Creating a Connected District

When information flows seamlessly between administrators, staff, and parents, districts can advance their operations
and make student-first decisions. Tyler solutions help districts increase safety and efficiency, improve communication,
and help keep the focus where it should be: in the classroom.

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