3 Integrated Finance Solutions in a Single ERP System

October 17, 2022 by Katie Skvorak

3 Integrated Finance Solutions in a Single ERP System

Scalability is important now more than ever with changing demands placed on districts by rapid growth, personnel constraints, and budget shifts. You need a customizable finance solution that supports your district and fits your needs ­— without unnecessary complexity. Reports and dashboards tailored to your workflow, a comprehensive view of your district’s budget, and tools that make everyday operations paperless all contribute to a district that runs efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn how these three integrated solutions can empower your district’s finance workflows.

Automated Reporting and Role-Based Dashboards

Automation of routine reports and at-a-glance views of key data simplify number-crunching and give you more time to focus on making decisions that support your district’s success. For example, when building school year budget reports, automatically importing information from payroll instead of manually entering data ensures accuracy and eliminates duplicate entries. Unlimited custom reports empower employees to view and analyze data based on your district’s goals. Reuse these reports as templates to streamline your state and federal compliance reporting.

When your finance solution includes School ERP Pro’s Smart Card technology, your data and reports are analyzed as you work to proactively alert you to areas requiring your attention, like budget or employee leave balances.  Key users, such as business managers and administrators, can analyze or share these alerts — eliminating the need for routine reporting. Embedded with Smart Card technology, role-based dashboards manage who receives these alerts and who can view or approve items to keep your data and finances secure. These dashboards give you actionable insights and a clear view into the information you need to do your job and better serve your district.

Budget Integration With HR and Payroll

Your budget is the core of your district’s finances and having the ability to customize your school ERP solution means less time crunching numbers and more time making well-informed decisions.

More than 80% of the average district’s budget goes toward personnel management, making it vital to be able to track and manage these expenses. With a finance solution that integrates with HR and payroll, you can see the full picture of your school district’s budget and drill down into personnel expense details. Integration across departments allows data to flow easily and information silos are eliminated.

With full integration, you can optimize the processes around your district’s employee payroll and benefits administration. When used with automated reporting, you can easily evaluate compensation strategies against budget and fulfill required state and federal reports.

Paperless Procurement and Document Management

A finance system that allows you to go paperless not only reduces environmental impact, it also saves your district time and money.

Adding e-procurement gives employees flexibility to make purchases virtually while checking the district budget in real time. Furthermore, purchase details can be populated automatically from supported vendors that have a web store. Any items you select to buy can be pulled from the web store directly into your requisition using an online shopping cart transfer. Automated approval workflows and virtual payment options get your vendors paid faster — and there’s no need to print quotes, packing lists, or invoices when you utilize digital content management!

Tyler’s Content Manager solution helps employees keep track of important information like requisitions and vendor files without the burden of filing cabinets and paper stacks. No need to bring home countless files if you work remotely — digital content management makes work flexible. Employees can securely access files online and easily share information across the organization. From batch scanning, indexing, and storage to on-demand document retrieval, Content Manager automates document capture and storage, reduces manual data entry, and helps eliminate paper across your district.

Financial Management — Tailored to Your District

No two school districts operate exactly the same. One district may need automation in their reporting tools, while another may prioritize going green with a paperless solution. Whatever your goals and operations requirements, a solution that streamlines workflows with options for advanced reporting, departmental integration, and paperless processes will keep your district running smoothly.

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