5 Steps to Find the Right Tech Partner

September 14, 2020 by Meredith Trimble

When Current Providers Fall Short, It’s Time to Consider a Change

5 Steps to Find the Right Tech Partner

Faced with sunsetting products, expensive upgrades, or inferior support, many courts are finding it’s time to consider a new tech partner. Choosing a new software provider to power court operations and connect justice partners is a serious decision with long-term implications. Much is at stake, from the initial financial commitment to the day-to-day reliability and functionality of one of government’s most important back-end systems.

The right software provider will partner with a jurisdiction to support its broader, long-term digital strategy and facilitate enhanced access to justice. Below are five steps to take to find the right fit.

1. Define your goals and needs.

Assess your current technology and figure out your immediate and long-term needs. Think beyond the immediate department level and ask all potential stakeholders what a new solution or upgrade should do. From reducing paper to increasing integrations, enhancing service, bolstering security, or realizing new efficiencies, it is important to articulate how all stakeholders will benefit from new technology.

2. Research potential providers.

The right tech partner will grow alongside you, be there when you need it, and continue to adapt to your changing needs and to those in the market. Look for a financially stable company with proven solutions and a long, solid history of positive results. Consider the company’s short- and long-term visions for the future and ask what kind of support and training you’ll get before, during, and after implementation.

3. Gather information and check references.

Gather detailed information around each provider’s stability, industry expertise, support, and training, as well as the solution’s ability to address your unique goals and needs. Ask for client references for honest peer assessments.

4. Schedule demos.

Schedule a focused, authentic product demonstration for a live experience that is as realistic as possible. A demo should accurately reflect how you and your staff will use the technology.

5. Decide, after final considerations.

Submit a list of clarifying questions to the company to be sure everyone on your team has all the details to feel comfortable moving forward. Choose the company that has the right technology, support, services, stability, and vision to help you achieve your goals.

Because of the long-term commitment and significant investment, choosing the right tech partner is critical.

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