Agency Uses Tech to Improve Operations

February 22, 2021 by Devin Culham

Agency Uses Tech to Improve Operations

When speaking with agencies that have made the transition to an upgraded technology solution, it’s easy to focus on the ‘big wins.’ Although things like reduced keystrokes and faster response times are all welcome improvements to any agency’s workflow, sometimes the most meaningful changes happen at the micro level.

For Colorado’s Grand Junction Police Department, Evidence Technician Kelly Clingman has experienced firsthand the improvements that a strong technology solution can offer.

“One of the reasons why we upgraded our technology solution is because it offered that whole suite of products that was usable and applicable to us and the sheriff's office,” said Clingman. “We have outlying little towns, and those smaller police departments were all tied together through one solution, allowing the DA and agencies to come together using one program, instead of piecemealing different tools that the different organizations use.”

The entire county using the same software solution has helped improve communication between departments across the area.

“It’s nice to be able to communicate with the DA’s office through the program in a way that’s not just casual conversation,” shared Clingman. “Everything can go straight into the case allowing us to share information, not with even just law enforcement agencies, but with the DA’s office as well.”

One way that Clingman has benefited from an integrated product suite is during property collection.

Often, when an individual is arrested or detained, they may not have their ID when they return to collect their property. However, because Clingman’s agency uses a product suite that’s integrated throughout the county, she can look at the booking information and name to prove the individual’s identity – allowing her to return the property.

“I think sometimes we forget some of those smaller things that are used every day and taken for granted,” says Clingman. “In my opinion, that’s what makes this technology solution so special and wonderful to use.”

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