Best of the Tyler Tech Podcast 2022

December 16, 2022 by Peter Friesen

Best of the Tyler Tech Podcast 2022

The Tyler Tech podcast continued its growth in 2022 as a leader in exploring the biggest topics for governments, while expanding its reach to include social media influencers, cannabis industry leaders, and a K9 unit philanthropist. Host Jeff Harrell led conversations that touched on industry trends, changing public expectations, solutions to pressing government problems, and inspiring stories from the people who are leading the charge in ensuring that cities, counties, and states are ready to lead their constituents in the 2020s. Check out some of the best episodes from a packed 2022 below.

  • Reaching Gen Z Using Social Media (Episode 49, featuring Heather Daniels) – Community engagement and participation have always been key to a strong local government, and a strong community. Social media specialist Heather Daniels shares her thoughts on how agencies can reach the next, most important, generation.

Listen to Episode 49: Reaching Gen Z Using Social Media.

  • Cannabis Regulations With CANNRA (Episode 52, featuring Alex Valvessori, Andrew Brisbo, and Gillian Schauer) – Cannabis legalization, for medical and recreational uses, has boomed in the last decade. Some 40 states legalized the drug in some form, with nearly every other state at least aware the change may be coming. Enter the Cannabis Regulators Association (CANNRA), a national group that brings together state leaders to share knowledge and experience around regulating, monitoring, and collecting data on cannabis. Hear cannabis licensing expert Alex Valvessori discuss common concerns and trends to watch for with CANNRA leaders Andrew Brisbo and Gillian Schauer.

Listen to Episode 52: Cannabis Regulations With CANNRA here.

  • Government Payments: New Citizen Expectations (Episode 61, featuring Sloane Wright) – There’s hardly a more far-reaching tech than payments, but many don’t realize how much consideration goes into payment software. So much of people’s daily lives involves paying for things online, and constituent’s expectations of their public services’ payment options have risen in recent years. Payments expert Sloane Wright has more than 20 years of experience with how agencies at every level of government use payments solutions. He shares the risks and solutions governments can expect when navigating payment options.

Listen to Episode 61: Government Payments: New Citizen Expectations.

  • How to Address Recidivism (Episode 56, featuring Silas Deane III) – Would it surprise you to hear the United States leads industrialized countries in recidivism? More than 66% of incarcerated individuals are re-arrested withing three years of leaving jail or prison, and 80% are re-arrested after six years. Silas Deane III saw the effects of recidivism, as well as the reasons behind it, while working for his family company installing jail management software. Hear how this experience led Deane to develop cutting-edge solutions that offer incarcerated individuals the resources they need to break out of the recidivism cycle.

Listen to Episode 56: How to Address Recidivism here.

  • How to Make State Parks More Accessible & The Surprising Way Tech Enriches the Outdoors (Episodes 54 and 55, featuring Brian Ketterer and Miss Rover) – This pair of episodes examines the impact of accessible public lands, and how technology can break down the barrier to entry for new and seasoned visitors alike. In the first episode, Brian Ketterer, of California State Parks, shares the state’s experience dealing with overwhelming visitor demand during and after the pandemic. A slew of accessibility options, along with a library parks pass program, expanded interest and availability for visitors. In the second episode, social media influencer Melissa Miller (known as Miss Rover) shares how certain state parks’ modern digital tools help her plan safe, fun adventures as a solo female traveler.

Listen to Episode 54: How to Make State Parks More Accessible.
Listen to Episode 55: The Surprising Way Tech Enriches the Outdoors.

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