Best Transformative Tech Stories From 2022

December 20, 2022 by Peter Friesen

Best Transformative Tech Stories From 2022

In 2022, the government technology landscape has fully shifted. In the aftereffects of the pandemic, many changes, such as electronic self-service, accurate public-facing data, and accompanying tightening of cybersecurity at all levels of digital access have proven to be essential in our daily lives. The best blogs, podcasts, and webinars from 2022 offer solutions and insights into cybersecurity, data, and platform technologies. Check out the best-of-the-best below.


Many concerns with cloud products center around cybersecurity. But the best cloud partners are on top of cybersecurity in all aspects, taking that concern away from governments. Check out an important reporting update, as well as two engaging conversations with cybersecurity leaders below.

  • Modernizing Your Cybersecurity Program: This webinar offers an opportunity to hear from a Tyler expert on how agencies can modernize their practices and tools to defang cybercriminals.
  • Leading Change: Women in Cybersecurity: This episode of the Tyler Tech podcast features Danelle Daly, a cybersecurity expert who helped build many systems from the ground up over the last two decades.
  • Changes in Cybercrime Reporting: ICYMI, there’s updated regulations from the federal government on cybercrime reporting as of 2022. Read on for a full understanding of the new regulations, and why they’re an important change in the fight against cyber criminals.

Data & Insights

Governments have adapted to our data-driven world in impressive ways. The pandemic saw governments at every level adopt dynamic open data portals, proving the demand and benefit of sharing clear, consistent data with the public. Read some of our best blogs below on how data can help you, and winning examples of government solutions.

Platform Technologies

Every effective solution needs a base, whether for data, development, or payments. Platform technologies enhance government software and offer deeper solutions to complex problems.

  • Why Does Self-Service Help Us All?: Self-service, like open data platforms, saw broader adoption during the pandemic. Now, many governments have realized there’s long-term benefits to solutions that offer easy self-service options.

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