Expertly Streamlining Financial Systems

August 06, 2020 by Allie VanNest

A Successful Streamline of Financial Systems With Enhanced Remote Work Environment Features

Expertly Streamlining Financial Systems

With 112 schools and 113,000 students, Georgia’s Cobb County School District (CCSD) is one of the top performing K-12 education organizations in the country. The school district constantly strives to improve business processes to address changes in the educational business environment. Like other large organizations with a multitude of business and financial processes, CCSD faced an additional challenge when having to shift to remote work during the onset of the COVID-19 crisis.

According to Nancy Tolbert, director of Financial Services Special Projects, CCSD had a leg-up in the process. The district had recently invested in a fully integrated ERP system from Tyler Technologies to increase performance and efficiency. Along with tying together a multitude of financial and business processes, the new system allowed for a seamless transition to remote work.

Previously, the district had years of success in managing financial operations through internally developed accounting applications and custom-built reports. A variety of third-party applications were also used for tasks like accounting, 1099, and maintenance work order solutions.

With Tyler, CCSD was able to streamline its processes and:

  • Replace paperwork flows with new electronic workflows
  • Extract financial data and provide a variety of financial reporting
  • Institute in-app approvals to speed up processes and remove roadblocks
  • Make documents instantly available for remote workers through a content management system

“We’re pleased to have implemented [Tyler] when we did,” said Tolbert. “In contrast to the district’s previous financial and business applications, the process of converting to a new integrated system has provided the opportunity to evaluate and improve business processes and to better handle the challenges of a remote work environment.”

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To make it even easier for CCSD staff to access help resources from home, Tolbert and her team stood up an internal resource center for all employees using the ERP system remotely. She credits Office 365 and Microsoft Teams for enabling virtual trainings and providing a repository for helpful product information — including step-by-step admin training processes and a library of ERP resources.

For school districts currently facing the prospect of remote work in 2020 and beyond, there’s no need to fret if you haven’t already invested in an integrated ERP system. Tyler Technologies is experienced in delivering implementations and other services virtually so you can easily pivot to a remote environment.

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