Fast Solutions, Better Outcomes

August 04, 2021 by Kate Nadolski

Fast Solutions, Better Outcomes

The community relies on public safety agencies for protection while public safety agencies rely on their software to function quickly and efficiently. The Allen County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio struggled with their outdated solutions, never knowing where to turn when technical issues would arise.

The ‘go-to’ person in these types of situations was always Lieutenant Bryan McKinney with the Allen County Sheriff’s Office. He said he was always getting calls on and off duty to fix software issues that popped up for other staff members.

“I would get a phone call every weekend about some type of issue that needed resolving,” said McKinney.

Since then, McKinney has expressed his relief after Allen County implemented new public safety solutions from Tyler Technologies. With those new solutions came dedicated 24/7 technical support from their vendor. Since making the switch, McKinney said he has noticed a big difference in how his agency trusts their software. He also said he’s experienced far fewer requests for troubleshooting technical issues.

“One of the biggest benefits so far is the fact that I don’t get called every weekend,” explained McKinney. “This customer service with these solutions is better than I could have ever imagined.”

McKinney said that no matter what issue he’s calling for, he is always sent to someone who can help him solve the problem he is dealing with promptly.

“Whenever I call into support, no matter what my problem is, it gets fixed,” said McKinney. “If I get someone on the line who specializes in our mobile solution and I need help with something else, that person will always transfer me to the proper support staff who has the correct information to deal with the problem I am experiencing.”

The importance of having properly functioning solutions is paramount, allowing public safety personnel to access mission-critical information while on the job. With a supportive vendor who provides proper technical support, the agency has one less thing to worry about.

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