Flexible, Online Public Safety Training

June 22, 2021 by Kate Nadolski

Flexible, Online Public Safety Training

Proper training can change the game for first responders. That’s why it’s important for them to have 24/7 access to eLearning material. This training is beneficial for new recruits and anyone else who needs a refresher. When choosing a public safety solution vendor, it’s important to know if the vendor offers training beyond go-live.

When public safety clients receive a wide range of free training courses across all roles and functionality, they’re better able to meet their departmental goals. Courses designed to enable first responders, support staff, dispatchers, and command staff to make the best use of the technology at their disposal are a vital part of any agency’s success.

As a department that’s completed more than 300 courses this year through a training program offered through its public safety vendor, Ascension Parish Sheriff’s Office in Louisiana knows the value of proper and thorough training.

Capt. Jennifer Callaway who oversees the department’s 911 center said her department is newer to this free service, but that both new and more experienced dispatchers are already gaining valuable knowledge.

“The courses are all so beneficial, especially with the layout and the way the updates keep coming,” said Callaway.

“I really think the courses are good for everyone as they provide updated training to veteran employees and introductory training to new hires.”

When it comes to those with more experience, Callaway said she’s noticed that the courses help dispatchers expand their skills and discover new tricks that they wouldn’t have learned otherwise.

“I’m getting a good amount of feedback from people explaining that this software has taught them about things they didn’t even know existed,” said Callaway. “That tells me that there’s always more to learn, and courses like these will help people find their way.”

While the country navigates through a global pandemic and many industries have turned to virtual workplace settings, Callaway emphasizes that online training is a great way to keep her team learning consistently, regardless of location.

“You can’t train enough – life is made much easier when first responders have access to simple, online courses,” she said, noting that other users should also take advantage of the online offerings.

“I would definitely recommend it,” Callaway noted. “There are some really great, relevant topics in there that can be beneficial to any team.”

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