Introducing the New Tyler Tech Podcast

June 01, 2020 by Meredith Trimble

A New Way to Connect

Introducing the New Tyler Tech Podcast

Local governments are dealing with more challenges now than ever before. Coming into 2020, governments were tasked with maintaining excellent service delivery in an environment of reduced resources, political uncertainty, and a changing workforce. All of that still exists but added to the mix is the unprecedented context of COVID-19 disruption.

How do governments overcome these significant hurdles to continue to serve and strengthen their communities? Are there existing tools already on hand that leaders can leverage in creative ways? How might it work to accelerate virtual operations or move to the cloud?

Tyler Tech Podcast

Local government is nothing if not resourceful, and examples of creativity, innovation, and success abound. We’ve searched for and found local leaders and experts eager to share their stories. And, what better way to hear from them than through our newest way to connect – the Tyler Tech Podcast.

The Tyler Tech Podcast explores the issues facing communities today in short, accessible episodes. Topics will include:

  • New research in the field
  • Innovative cities and counties
  • Cybersecurity
  • Data and transparency
  • The cloud
  • Access to justice
  • Schools and education

Statistics show that nearly three-quarters of podcast consumers tune in to learn something new. With so much information available, the Tyler Tech Podcast breaks through the noise in episodes that are entertaining as well as enlightening.

Series Trailer

A preview of the podcast’s first series is now available. The series highlights findings and surprises from our newly released national study conducted to learn how local governments can best reach, serve, and engage members of different generations.

Find out, for example, how Gen Z and Boomers are alike, which generations trust social media more than government, and which generation’s members are most receptive government employment. Explore the unique hurdles each generation faces in interacting with local government, and what they envision as ideal engagement. Episodes in the series will cover Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X, and Boomers, with brand new insights, unexpected answers, and practical ways to better attend to all community members.

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