Is Your Agency Ready For the Cloud?

July 12, 2021 by Allie Falk

Is Your Agency Ready For the Cloud?

How Agencies Benefit From the Cloud 

Making a change in technology is a task that public safety agencies don’t take lightly. With the mission-critical systems used by agencies, it is of the utmost importance that your technology works when it's needed most to ensure communities are kept safe. When ready, agencies moving to the cloud experience a myriad of benefits from this shift in technology.

Reduced IT Overhead and Elimination of Physical Hardware

The cloud reduces IT overhead and eliminates physical hardware. This saves the agency space and money as it eliminates the need for storage space of physical hardware. It also helps with protecting data since there’s no physical hardware that could potentially be destroyed during unforeseen circumstances like a flood or fire. Expenses shift from capital to operational and allow for a more agile and adaptable IT environment.

Easy Data Access and Sharing

When it comes to accessing data, a cloud-based public safety system allows for easy retrieval of data for every role, thereby improving efficiency and workflows. This information is easily shareable between those using it, which ensures first responders are equipped with mission-critical data on the scene and in real time. Having this access to data improves collaboration and investigations as more information leads to improved outcomes. In addition, cloud technology can pull in vital data such as gunshot detection, cell phone coordinates, and medical history, all of which are important to dispatchers, first responders, and command staff for situational awareness.

Reliability and Safety of the Cloud

As anyone in the public safety industry can attest to, reliability is tantamount to success. With cloud technology, public safety personnel can rest assured systems are always online – even during periods of updates, upgrades, or in weather-related situations. The cloud also offers agencies with the best in data security. With cybersecurity issues happening more frequently and targeting the sensitive data collected and stored by agencies, protecting that information is a priority. When allowing experts to manage their security with the cloud, they are enabling an extra layer of protection that could make all the difference in the long run.

Moving Toward the Cloud

Each day is unpredictable for a first responder. The need for reliable and advanced technology is extremely critical to allow agencies to keep themselves and their communities safe. The cloud presents advanced methods of accessing and sharing information and streamlined processes that make getting the job done less of a tall task. Law enforcement is a difficult and complex job and agencies need to be equipped with the best methods and technology possible. When agencies are ready to advance their technology, the cloud is there to take agencies – and their communities – to the next level.

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