New Board Offers Support for Justice Solution

November 01, 2022 by Peter Friesen

New Board Offers Support for Justice Solution

A new panel, The Municipal Justice Court Leaders Advisory Board (CLAB), is providing feedback, experience, and helpful tips for the ongoing innovation of a leading court solution from Tyler Technologies.

CLAB was created by Tyler Senior Account Manager of Client Success Marlin Jones, who helps facilitate the group’s initiatives. The panel invites court leaders from across the country to meet and discuss their experiences using Tyler’s Municipal Justice solution. Tiffany Totah, municipal court administrator for Victoria, Texas, is one of the selected leaders.

“I want to ensure that court administrators have a seat at the table by providing feedback regarding the challenges myself and others experience, as well as delivering productive recommendations that could help enhance the products we use,” Totah says. “At the end of the day, we are better together, and working together to make changes can only enhance the experience for Tyler and its municipal court clients.”

Connecting Courts and Communities

Municipal Justice offers courts an efficient way to bring all operations under one modern solution, which can streamline court processes for both staff and constituents while expanding access to justice.

Members of the panel have firsthand experience guiding their courts through this solution and have seen the benefits of automated case management, defendant resolution tools, integration with law enforcement and jail systems, and the ability to customize reporting to meet compliance.

This experience gives perspective on how these offerings can be strengthened, to ensure all municipal court clients have the foundation for a more accessible, connected justice system.

Goals and Strategies

The board will meet regularly in an open environment to discuss their experiences and offer feedback, as well as provide education for members who may not be realizing the totality of engagement the solution offers. The goal is to bring together a group with diverse experiences and knowledge in the municipal court space.

The education component will include webinars and presentations from subject matter experts from the justice and tech fields.

The first meetings have included discussions on cloud adoption, and the many benefits to courts of any size and jurisdiction.

Early Returns

The advisory board has already brought important feedback, according to Tyler’s general manager of the Municipal Justice solution, Riley Miles.

“I appreciate the perspective that our Court Leaders Advisory Board brings to all aspects of our business,” Miles says. “We’ve received key insights into ways to improve implementation, support, and product development.”

The board isn’t done growing either. “We’re always looking for other strong court leaders from across the country to join us and provide feedback and experiences with Municipal Justice,” Jones adds.

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