The High Cost of Fractured Technology

November 05, 2020 by Meredith Trimble

The High Cost of Fractured Technology

Government departments typically buy a piece of technology to meet a specific need. But these pieces are often part of larger processes that stretch across multiple departments or even levels of government. The lack of overarching strategy creates systems and data that don’t integrate.

Why does this matter?

  • Citizens receive uneven or poor experiences from government services
  • Internal processes become slow, inefficient, and frustrating
  • Data-driven innovation becomes extremely challenging

State and local government CIOs recognize these issues and are prioritizing solutions in ways that modernize systems, increase collaboration, support future agility, increase security, and include the cloud.

Systems and tools must integrate

Systems and tools must integrate in ways that support enterprise business processes, deliver data access and visibility, and improve user experience. This is accomplished through a modern, integrated technology stack for government.

This “GovTech Stack” includes streamlined mission-critical operations, citizen engagement, data analytics, cloud-enabled solutions, and effective cybersecurity.

Explore quick stats on how local governments see their maturity in these critical areas and how they plan to move forward in a strong, flexible, and future-proof way.

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