Tyler Client Support

September 15, 2022 by Steve Goll

Tyler Client Support

Through Tyler Client Support, clients get access to documentation, live support, online training, and the Online Support Incident Portal, where they can enter and track support tickets via the web. Read on to find out more about these resources.

Tyler Community

Tyler Community is an online peer-to-peer support community developed with clients in mind. Tyler Community enables our clients to share knowledge about Tyler products, provides collaborative learning opportunities, and offers product support via forums, libraries, and wikis.


  • Search forums, discussions, and wikis to solve problems
  • Share and learn best practices and knowledge about products or services
  • Capture and reuse collective knowledge

Tyler University

Tyler University, our continuing education platform, gives clients access to Tyler product courses. This online resource helps clients improve their skills, learn new software, and keep up with the latest technology and procedures.


  • Access to hundreds of Tyler product courses
  • Monitor employee progress and transcripts

Tyler Search

Tyler Search allows clients to simultaneously search multiple sources of support documentation from one interface.


  • Find and share in one place, from multiple sources
  • See more relevant results with every search

Connect User Conference

The Connect User Conference is our annual conference that provides clients with expert-led training to maximize product usage and community outcomes.

Online Support Incident Portal

The Online Support Incident Portal is the primary method for opening an issue with Tyler support staff.


  • Enter and track support tickets
  • Update, escalate, or close an issue
  • Submit new requests for aid
  • Monitor outstanding support incidents
  • Attach additional documentation to existing support incidents
  • Escalate an open support incident
  • Follow up on an existing development correction
  • Print a case or export a list to Excel

More Information

Visit our Client Support page to view support tools available for your Tyler products.

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