Tyler Tech, NLC CEOs: Hot Topic Videos

February 15, 2021 by Lily Rexing

Tyler Tech, NLC CEOs: Hot Topic Videos

Lynn Moore, president and CEO of Tyler Technologies, recently sat down with the CEO and Executive Director of the National League of Cities (NLC) Clarence Anthony to discuss the future of technology and local government.

Here are some highlights from their conversations.

1. Prioritizing Cybersecurity

To kick off the interview series, Moore and Anthony addressed cybersecurity – a topic that has only increased in importance with ongoing remote work and online service delivery. Local governments have observed a 50% increase in cyberattacks, which can take different forms, from ransomware to email compromises.

“Be prepared, communicate, be transparent. All of those things are important to making sure that city leaders are ready to lead their cities during this time.” --Clarence Anthony

The leaders noted the importance of accessing available resources, such as the Multi-State Information Sharing and Analysis Center (MISAC), to help organizations strengthen their cyber culture and preparedness. Tyler Technologies’ free daily threat brief is also available; simply copy this email address, removing the brackets, dailythreatbrief[@]tylertech.com to subscribe.

The discussion also focused on the importance of a strong organizational culture around cybersecurity, including the critical steps of creating and continuously reviewing a comprehensive incident response plan, as well as providing regular employee training.

Watch the full cybersecurity discussion.

Clarence Anthony and Lynn Moore
L-R: Clarence Anthony, executive director, National League of Cities, and Lynn Moore, president and CEO, Tyler Technologies

2. Importance of a Cloud-First Approach

A cloud-first approach to technology creates opportunities for governments to interpret data and act on data in meaningful, problem-solving ways. In a second conversation, Moore and Anthony focused on the benefits of the cloud, particularly for the public sector, which has a history of collecting data in siloed, inaccessible systems. Cloud-based solutions, they noted, help aggregate and surface valuable insights from this data.

“The ability for solutions that are based in the cloud to come in and tap that data … in the meaningful ways that leaders can really use to make meaningful decisions is something that’s going to be very powerful going forward.” --Lynn Moore

Discussion included examples of governments already realizing solutions to operational or community issues through the use of cloud-enabled solutions, such as Buffalo, New York, and Richmond, Virginia. Both cities leveraged the cloud to enhance COVID-19 response and citizen self-service.

View the complete cloud discussion.

3. Creating Connected Communities

A longstanding vision of Tyler Technologies, Connected Communities links governments and constituencies in a way that transcends departmental and geographic boundaries. Achieving the promise of Connected Communities entails robust cybersecurity and cloud-based operations.

Moore and Anthony discussed how using technology to connect data, people, and processes can help governments enhance safety, transparency, and responsiveness.

“Imagine a scenario in which someone files a building permit, and it automatically triggers an inspection. And that automatically triggers an appraisal.” --Lynn Moore

Connected systems bypass traditional obstacles by creating an ecosystem of integrated processes and workflows. Internal access to data also creates opportunity for enhanced external transparency and improved citizen engagement.

Watch the full Connected Communities discussion.

Tyler’s longstanding partnership with NLC creates space for open discussions like these that serve to support local leaders and inspire innovative solutions in cities across the country.

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