Investing in Integrated Solutions for Process Efficiencies Throughout the Organization

Client since: 2018
Number of Employees: 300
Population: 58,000+
Location: Illinois
Tyler Products/Solutions: : Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Permitting & Licensing, Enterprise Service Requests, Enterprise Public Safety
Number of Tyler EAM Users: 80

The Village of Orland Park is located just 25 miles southwest of downtown Chicago in Cook County, Illinois. The village is currently home to approximately 58,000 residents but is expected to reach 75,000 residents by 2030. To keep operations in line with the village’s growing needs, Orland Park’s government set an important goal to move from manual, paper-based workflows to more modern, efficient processes. One area where those efforts can be clearly seen is in an upgrade to the village’s work order and asset management system.

Orland Park wanted software that would better connect citizens to the government by allowing them to easily report issues, make technicians more productive and efficient by keeping them in the field longer, and keep supervisors more informed and better able to plan for the future by providing predictive analytics. Additionally, the village wanted a system that was simple to implement and manage, would be readily adopted across the organization, and could provide valuable insights on the performance and communication between village departments and residents. These interests led Orland Park to Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise Asset Management solution.

What Is Tyler EAM?

Enterprise Asset Management is an enterprise asset management software that intuitively tracks assets from procurement to retirement plus all maintenance in between. This software allows Orland Park to create, execute, track, manage, and report on asset-related work orders via its asset maintenance and asset performance functionality.

Asset maintenance uses custom configurations to track and maintain assets, increasing their reliability and enhancing predictive maintenance. Plus, it is mobile-enabled, so field workers can easily view and manage work orders from anywhere. Asset performance uses reporting and analytics to help management plan for future expenses, forecast budgets, and decide how best to use resources.

The village went live with Enterprise Asset Management on November 12, 2018 and provided staff with iPhones® so they could access the system’s mobile application in order to minimize the use of paper work orders.

Staff adopted the system relatively quickly, especially because the old process was entirely manual whereas the new process allows for supervisors to assign work orders with the click of a button.

Ahmad Zayyad

Business Process Manager

Benefits Orland Park Hopes to See

The Village of Orland Park hopes to see several benefits come out of its Enterprise Asset Management implementation including improvements in efficiency, greater access to data and insights, enhanced use of GIS functionality, and access to powerful integrations.


Orland Park is fortunate to have an incredibly dedicated, hardworking staff, and is excited to provide that staff with the opportunity to be even more effective and productive in their roles thanks to the efficiencies Enterprise Asset Management delivers.

We have a lot of great staff who put a lot of good effort in, and giving them the tools they need to be effective at what they already do so well is the best that we could possibly hope for this system.

Ahmad Zayyad

Business Process Manager


With Enterprise Asset Management, Orland Park’s supervisors and support staff will be able to look into work orders and see the progress, comments, and changes to severity quickly and easily — capabilities that didn’t exist with the previous manual processes. This insight and ability to track data are huge improvements for the village and are sure to provide a lot of opportunities to fine tune processes even further in the future.

“We think by mid-2019 we should be able to compare data from 2018 to see how things are trending and where reallocation of resources is needed,” said Zayyad, adding, “Since we have implemented Enterprise Asset Management, we have more than 80 users between field staff, office staff, and supervisors, and we have generated more than 2,500 work orders in the last five months.”

When asked how many work orders may have been completed in a five-month span before Enterprise Asset Management, Enterprise Application Manager Mary Klinger said, “I don’t know if it’s even possible to get that number because two very large operating departments, public works and parks and grounds, both had slightly different methods when it came to manual processes and tracking those things.”

Klinger and Zayyad explained that Enterprise Asset Management is giving the organization a clearer picture of workloads and activities than it has ever had in the past.


Enterprise Asset Management integrates with Esri® GIS maps, which has proven hugely beneficial for Orland Park.

“Our parks and grounds staff went out and geotagged every park asset including playground equipment, baseball fields, tennis courts, etc.” said Zayyad.

We went from approximately 15,000 assets to just under 100,000 in 90 days. These assets are now actionable and have reporting, preventative maintenance schedules, and costs associated with each of them — all at our fingertips.

Frank Florentine

Former Chief Technology Officer


Enterprise Asset Management natively integrates with several Tyler enterprise solutions to increase productivity, enhance reporting and analytics, streamline decision-making, and connect communities.

Orland Park is currently implementing Tyler's Enterprise Service Requests, a nonemergency communication solution for citizen inquiries, complaints, and service requests. The village plans to go live with Enterprise Permitting & Licensing, a comprehensive civic services solution that regulates planning, permitting, licensing, inspections, and citizen request workflows and processes, by the end of 2019. With Enterprise Permitting & Licensing, Orland Park will also utilize an integration with Cashiering, an online payments solution that centralizes revenue collections across the organization.

The village is also exploring the option of replacing its existing ERP financial system with Enterprise ERP, Tyler’s powerful ERP solution designed to encompass a wide range of public sector needs, and hopes the budget will be approved.

These integrations will allow Orland Park to deliver insights to all stakeholders in the organization and the community.

“We believe in the Tyler ecosystem and that helped drive the decision to bring more Tyler application suites into the operations of the Village of Orland Park,” said Florentine.

Vendor Relationship

The Village of Orland Park is implementing the software in phases and working closely alongside Tyler staff to ensure the systems work for the village’s needs.

“At the end of the day, Tyler is a partner the Village of Orland Park trusts and has trusted to support our staff and near 60,000 residents,” Florentine said. “We could not have achieved the level of success — whether it was implementation or adoption — if it were not due to the support and simplicity of the applications.”

Orland Park is looking forward to the next phases of implementation and potentially bringing on more Tyler products in the future.

Case Study Highlights

  • Mapped, actionable assets grew from 15,000 to nearly 100,000 in just 90 days
  • More than 2,500 work orders generated in five months; technicians more productive and efficient with more time in the field
  • The ability to compare data year-to-year provides insight into trends and informs resource allocation

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