Allen County Sheriff's Office Case Study

  • Population: 110,000
  • Client Since: 2019
  • Solutions Used: New World Enterprise CAD, Law Enforcement RMS, Mobile, New World Corrections, SoftCode Civil Process
  • Profile: The Allen County Sheriff’s Office in Ohio dispatches for the majority of law enforcement and fire agencies within the county. The staff is made up of 165 employees.


The Allen County Sheriff’s Office used outdated, end-of-life software. Its products were not integrated and data-sharing was nearly impossible. They had numerous products that did not talk to each other, making operations difficult. The agency did not have reliable support for their technology, resulting in an overload of issues that overwhelmed the agency’s one IT specialist. The agency was also faced with a deadline to become Incident Based Reporting (IBR) compliant, to receive much needed funding from the state. In addition, this agency had no way to properly collect, store, and analyze data. This made it nearly impossible to identify crime trends and implement proactive policing in their jurisdiction.


In November 2020, the agency implemented New World Enterprise CAD, Law Enforcement Records Management System, Mobile, and New World Corrections solutions.

The mapping capabilities are great and everything that these solutions encompass seems to be better than our old systems in every way.

Bryan McKinney

Lieutenant, Allen County Sheriff’s Office


By implementing Tyler’s public safety solutions, this agency experienced the following benefits:

  • Agency is IBR compliant – The sheriff’s office’s IBR compliance now makes the agency eligible for state funding. In addition, officers experience a streamlined report writing process due to a user-friendly interface, information that auto-populates, and the ability to scan items such as a driver’s license.
  • Response times have improved – Lt. Bryan McKinney states the sheriff’s office experiences improved response times, and first responders arrive on the scene better-prepared thanks to easier access to data. Responses are further enhanced with robust mapping capabilities in New World Enterprise CAD while built-in alerts keep dispatchers and first responders connected and equipped with vital data.
  • Tracking data is now possible – Collecting, storing, and analyzing data is easy with the integrated system which allows the agency to have a direct view into all activity happening in the community. They can identify crime trends and implement proactive policing in their area if needed. Tracking data also helps the agency keep up on their checks and balances, ensuring they are performing well and continuously improving their ability to serve their community.


By offering better services to the community, the Allen County Sheriff’s Office plans to continue using its software to maximize capabilities. The agency also has plans to implement CAD-to-CAD interoperability with neighboring counties using Tyler software which will improve county to county operations and streamline data-sharing processes, while improving communication.

The customer service we’ve received with these New World products is better than I could have ever imagined.

Bryan McKinney

Lieutenant, Allen County Sheriff’s Office

Case Study Highlights

  • Agency is now IBR compliant.
  • Officers are getting to the scene faster.
  • Tracking and analyzing data is now possible.

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