Case Study: Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office, Louisiana

  • POPULATION: 203,000
  • CLIENT SINCE: 2007
  • PROJECT: Enterprise Public Safety
  • PROFILE: Calcasieu Parish is located in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The sheriff’s office has approximately 774 employees, including 14 dispatchers.


Calcasieu Parish was using an outdated system, resulting in limited dispatching and response capabilities. The agency had only one terminal to run background checks with the National Crime Information Center (NCIC), as it was not embedded within the interface of its outdated CAD system. The parish also struggled with its overall response process, as there was no access to mapping technology.


In 2007, Calcasieu Parish implemented Tyler Technologies’ Enterprise Public Safety suite to streamline response management.

Things became very chaotic during Hurricane Laura, but Enterprise CAD kept working throughout everything, helping us respond as best as possible.

Dee Dee Derouen

Sergeant, Calcasieu Parish


With Enterprise Public Safety, Calcasieu Parish has experienced numerous benefits in workflow and its ability to serve the community. The user-friendly interface and time-saving features of Enterprise CAD have allowed dispatchers to streamline the call-taking process, routing officers to the scene quicker than ever before.

In addition to saving time, the agency has grown more efficient. Dispatchers can quickly pull a call sheet and view it on a map. With NCIC built into the Enterprise CAD system, each dispatcher has access to search for mission-critical information anytime they need it.

Calcasieu Parish has also improved communication between dispatchers and officers, as the system allows for two-way conversation.

In recent years, these advanced tools have aided the agency in navigating through several severe weather events such as damaging hurricanes and significant flooding, most recently, Hurricane Laura which ripped the roof off the building the dispatch team was working in. During these critical situations, officers have been able to utilize Enterprise Law Enforcement Mobile to self-dispatch to the scene from their patrol vehicles, improving response times and helping to ease the large influx of calls for help coming into the dispatch center.

Case Study Highlights

  • Streamlined dispatch process for faster responses
  • Communication is improved between dispatchers and officers
  • Faster access to mission-critical NCIC data

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