Dispatchers Keep Answering Calls During Hurricane

June 30, 2022 by Kate Nadolski

Dispatchers Keep Answering Calls During Hurricane

Dispatch centers everywhere know things can change in an instant. But all dispatchers and telecommunicators understand that sending a call for service in a timely, efficient, and safe manner to ensure citizens and first responders stay safe is of the utmost importance.

That’s why when Hurricane Laura was looking to make a direct hit in Lake Charles, Louisiana, the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office was doing everything in its power to prepare for the storm.

Telecommunicators were prepared for long hours, an influx of calls, and knew Enterprise CAD was ready to handle the increased call volume.

As the storm began to grow, so did the volume of calls, which was expected by everyone on and off duty that day. Dispatchers and other public safety personnel worked through the chaos, answering call after call. However, they didn’t know they were about to experience an emergency of their own.

While calls continued to come in, the storm ripped the roof of the dispatch center. Water poured inside, but dispatchers stayed on the line with community members for as long as they could.

In a situation that certainly could have been disastrous, the dispatch center and first responders didn’t let it impact their community. While there was a brief pause in answering calls as dispatchers attempted to salvage the equipment they needed and relocate to the agency’s warrants division, the dispatchers were ready to go just 15 minutes after the roof was torn from their dispatch center. They were able to get back to answering emergency calls and sending responses to those who needed it most.

“Our dispatchers never faltered and within 15 minutes of our roof being ripped off, we were relocated and back up and running,” Sgt. Dee Dee Derouen said. “Enterprise CAD kept on working throughout everything.”

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