Case Study: Clinton Township Fire Department, Michigan

  • POPULATION 100,513
  • SOLUTION Fire Prevention Mobile, powered by MobileEyes, Enterprise Records
  • PROFILE The Clinton Township Fire Department is located in Macomb County, Michigan, about 10 miles north of Detroit.


The Clinton Township Fire Department in Michigan had just three employees responsible for the inspection-related duties of more than 2,500 buildings within its jurisdiction. The department was using paper forms to complete its inspections and reports. Once completed, they had to be transcribed into the agency’s records management system, a manual process that was time-consuming and inefficient.


To provide better service to the community and expedite the inspection process, the agency implemented Tyler Technologies’ Fire Prevention Mobile solution.

By using Fire Prevention Mobile, we’re able to be more proactive in doing the inspections that need to be completed, and that means we’re providing a much safer community.

Charles Champagne

Fire Marshal, Clinton Township Fire Department


The Clinton Township Fire Department experienced benefits almost immediately following implementation. The manual process became entirely digital, allowing the fire marshal and two additional crew members to complete inspections for more than 2,500 buildings quickly, easily, and with fewer errors.

With Fire Prevention Mobile, end-users are prompted with questions on their mobile device, which guides them through the inspection process. Once completed, the report is stored securely and sent to the business owner for informational purposes. In addition, this smart tool is integrated with the department's Enterprise Records solution, allowing for the sending and storage of important reports and data.

With digitally stored reports, fire crews headed to the scene were better able to access mission-critical information. Firefighters could access the reports en route to understand the full scope of the building they were dealing with. This increased situational awareness, resulting in a safer working environment and more efficient response plan.

With the streamlined fire inspection process, those involved were able to save time and focus more on additional fire prevention measures. The Clinton Township Fire Department has managed to do more with less, significantly increasing the number of fire inspections it can complete each year. In turn, this has allowed the agency to provide better service to the community it serves, by ensuring that all buildings are properly inspected in a timely manner.

Case Study Highlights

  • Faster, more efficient fire inspection process
  • More buildings inspected per year using digital tools
  • Improved situational awareness for fire crews on scene

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