Inspection Process Streamlined With Tech

June 23, 2022 by Kate Nadolski

Inspection Process Streamlined With Tech

Doing more with less is a common theme in the public sector space. While public safety agencies everywhere continuously strive to provide the best services to their communities, many look to innovative ways to keep the quality of their services high.

In the metro-Detroit area of Michigan, the Clinton Township Fire Department needed to streamline its fire inspection process and ease the mountains of work its inspectors faced on a daily basis.

At the fire department, only three people were responsible for inspection-related duties for more than 2,500 buildings within city limits. They relied on paper forms to complete their work. Once these forms were completed, they were transcribed into the agency’s records management system, a time-consuming and inconsistent method.

To provide a better service to the community and expedite the inspection process, the Clinton Township Fire Department implemented Fire Prevention Mobile, powered by MobileEyes®, and immediately experienced significant change.

The tool allowed for the creation of an inspection calendar, which helped schedule various inspections and re-inspections quickly. Building information was updated and easily accessible by users. By using a digital inspection tool, officials could send the reports they create to the building owners for visibility.

In addition, with integration capabilities between Fire Prevention Mobile and Enterprise Public Safety, this mission-critical information also remains easily accessible to dispatchers and responding units. The department experienced a significant reduction in the time needed to update records and inspection information. With this tool, the department is on track to hit its goal of increasing inspections of high life hazard risks by 30% more than the previous year.

“Redundancy is reduced, real-time updates take place, and the collaboration of information is easily exchanged between internal divisions as well as external agencies,” said Fire Marshal Charles Champagne. “This benefits first responders and the community.”

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