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Appraisal, Data, Image, and Valuation Services

Whether you need help with partial data reconciliation, revaluation, appeals management, or a jurisdiction-wide reassessment, you can count on us to bring more than 85 years of experience to the table.

  • Leverage expertise gained from services conducted in nearly all 50 states and 26 state capitals

  • Benefit from more than 85 years of in-depth industry experience and leadership

  • Increase taxpayer and appraiser confidence in property data

  • Meet International Association of Assessing Officers (IAAO) standards for desktop review

  • Regain valuable time in your office by reducing time in the field

  • Reduce costs for staffing and travel for data collection and valuation

  • Improve the accuracy and timeliness of reappraisals

  • Tap into expert staff with prior local government experience for market modeling analysis

Why do you need a reassessment?

You can count on us to leverage experience, know-how, and innovation to assist you in administering reliable, accurate, and equitable taxation. 

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Image Collection

Leverage Tyler’s imaging partnerships to efficiently gather high-quality, high-resolution property images from every angle — aerial, oblique, and panoramic. Images are captured, collected, and verified using proven processes with care and precision — resulting in quality, accurate, field parcel data every time.

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Sketch Verification

Check the accuracy of your property sketches against orthophotography right from your device. Be assured your sketches are accurate to the reality on the ground with easy-to-use technology that confirms the square footage you use to calculate property values is legitimate.

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Desktop Verification

Achieve complete virtual inspection and verification of assessment data without the need for expensive field work. Tyler specialists employ an efficient tri-monitor approach in inspecting and verifying data, pinpointing inconspicuous improvements, and identifying missing information.

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Commercial and Industrial Valuations

Trust in us to handle the appraisal needs of your complex properties. We offer commercial and industrial valuation expertise ranging from industrial and historical to retail, utility, and tax-exempt sites.

Public Transparency

Informing the public and encouraging their participation is crucial for a successful reappraisal or reassessment project. We help you establish open and responsive communication with your taxpayers and provide informative materials to educate and update citizens throughout the process.

Appeals Support and Consulting

We provide consultative services to help with the appeal process, as well as services to aid you in producing accurate property values. Whatever you need, give us a call.


Tyler makes it possible for jurisdictions to save money and still fulfill required assessor duties. We step in and handle the day-to-day responsibilities for jurisdictions to allow staff to focus on other projects. If you face shrinking budgets, resource constraints, and tighter demands, we can help.

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