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Appraisal and Valuation Services Tailored to Your Needs

Whether you need help with partial data reconciliation and revaluation or jurisdiction-wide reassessment, you can count on us to bring the experience, know-how, and innovation you need to deliver reliable, fair, and equitable taxation.

  • Leverage expertise gained from services conducted in 46 states and 26 state capitals
  • Tap into expert staff with prior local government experience for market modeling and analysis
  • Benefit from 80 years of in-depth industry experience and leadership
  • Use specially developed mass appraisal reports for efficient future reappraisals
  • Become more transparent with taxpayers
  • Achieve greater efficiency in the field and office
  • Receive appraisal services tailored to meet your unique needs

Why do you need a reassessment?

You can count on us to bring the experience, know-how, innovation, and drive you need to administer reliable, fair, and equitable taxation.

Expert Data and Image Collection

Whether you prefer the traditional field reviews or modern technology, Tyler specialists can physically inspect, collect data, and capture images on all types of commercial and residential properties.

  • Update property characteristics
  • Obtain current photos of the properties
  • Identify property improvements
  • Adjust inaccurate property information
  • Regain valuable time in your office
  • Ensure accurate assessments

Simplify Your Commercial and Industrial Valuations

Trust in CLT Appraisal Services to handle the appraisal needs of your complex properties. We offer commercial and industrial valuation expertise ranging from industrial and historical to retail, utility, and tax-exempt sites.

  • Appraise any size property
  • Appraised by a well-trained staff
  • Benefit from our extensive experience in the appraisal industry
  • Minimize the need to train your employees on appraising complex properties

Providing Public Information is Essential

Partner with CLT Appraisal Services to gather and share valuable information with your constituents for a successful reassessment project. We will be with you at every turn to ensure that each property owner understands you’re handling assessments fairly and professionally.

  • Encourage public involvement
  • Help data collectors gain easier access to property data
  • Establish open and responsive channels of communication with taxpayers
  • Educate and update constituents
  • Improve public trust
  • Hold public meetings to hear updates and answer questions
  • Host a public access website to keep citizens informed
  • Distribute brochures and other communications to taxpayers
  • Reduce phone calls to your office

Professional Appeal Support and Consulting

CLT provides consultative services to help with the appeal process, as well as services to aid you in producing accurate property values. Whatever you need, give us a call.

  • Participate in appeal hearings
  • Field questions from taxpayers regarding their tax bill
  • Develop cost table calibration for local markets
  • Determine neighborhood delineation
  • Help you analyze property and real estate market data to produce accurate values
  • Benefit from our expertise and long history in the industry

Do More Through Privatization

CLT makes it possible for jurisdictions to save money and still fulfill required assessor duties. We step in and handle the day-to-day responsibilities for jurisdictions to allow staff to focus on other projects. If you face shrinking budgets, resource constraints, and tighter demands, we can help.

  • Provide sales ratio analysis
  • Manage building permits
  • Collect data on new construction
  • Perform property valuations
  • Support the annual assessment and tax cycle
  • Free up resources to work on other things

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