AES for California Assessors

AES for the California Assessor

Designed specifically for the unique needs of California

Since 1993, AES software and services has served the California assessor—providing specialized programs to assist you with valuing the 601 Tax Roll in an event-driven environment. Its Prop 8 program is responsible for equalizing billions of dollars in assessments throughout the State of California each year.

In the areas of appraisal, workflow and customer service, California counties have completed more parcel evaluations with the AES system than with all other outside software combined. In fact, during the preparation of the Tax Roll in the spring of 2009, AES counties had a total parcel base of more than 5 million properties. AES, through Tyler Technologies, serves California’s largest counties.

Counties served by AES software include:

San Bernardino
San Diego
Contra Costa
San Luis Obispo
San Joaquin
Santa Clara


Tyler Verify

Are you sure that your data is accurate and complete? Learn how Tyler Verify saves time and money with data verification and street-level imaging for real property, addressing, and GIS parcel layer data.