Data and Image Collection

Data & Image Collection

Complete assessment solutions for every type of property.

Complete Field Data Collection and Verification
Whether you prefer the traditional field review of values or are actively using new technology such as street-level imaging and Pictometry®, Tyler specialists can physically inspect all types of of commercial and residential properties. We can also collect data for existing and newly-created parcels to update and verify your database information.

Whether you have a disaster or demolition site that requires inventory updates or need to change document in neighborhood conditions to ensure accurate assessments, we can help you handle all the necessary steps to ensure your information is up to date. We can even perform selected data collection for special classes of properties or geographical areas. No matter which service you require, we have extensive quality control measures in place, including in-field sampling of collected data, to ensure adherence to best practices and local procedures.

Unique Data Quality Surveying
At Tyler, we know that to ensure equitable assessments you require an accurate database. If you are unsure as to whether your database is as accurate as it could be, we can work with your employees to:

  • Examine and evaluate property characteristics — such as measurements, sketches and more — to determine logical inconsistencies.
  • Locate missing or erroneous data.
  • Determine which neighborhoods or areas should be sampled.
  • Determine what mix of commercial and residential properties should be used.
  • Determine what the sampling level should be (based on IAAO standards, sampling levels are typically 2-5% depending on the size of the jurisdiction).

Upon completion, our specialists go into the field. We will measure results — including how many properties had significant errors impacting the property’s value and in what area the errors are located — against IAAO or local standards and documented in reports. Through this process, we will ensure that all are compliant with all state and local requirements, as well as USPAP requirements, where appropriate.

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