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Public Information Support

Garner and share important information with your constituents.

A successful reassessment project begins and ends with effective public information. Tyler’s CLT Appraisal Services supports an extensive public education effort by identifying core messages, establishing open and responsive channels of communication with taxpayers, and producing informative materials that are easy to read and understand.

CLT Appraisal Services provides a depth of experience in this area — with projects ranging in scope and size from a Pennsylvania county conducting its first reassessment project in 60 years to an Ohio county going through a regular triennial cycle of valuation updates.

Working with our CLT Appraisal Services team, you’ll have access to communication specialists at the company level, and experienced appraisal personnel at the project level. We’re also available to accompany your county officials for major presentations to the public, community leaders, local service organizations, and the media.

Tyler recognizes that any contact with a taxpayer constitutes a public education opportunity, including phone conversations between residents and the project office, project mailings (such as data verification mailers) and meetings during the informal review process. We partner with you at every turn to ensure that each property owner understands that assessments are being handled fairly and professionally.

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