Valuation, Neighborhood Delineation
& Market Modeling

Identify and develop reliable valuation for your community.

At Tyler, we know that you need to ensure your tax base reflects the ever-changing dynamics of market value. With years of proven experience, we’re here to help you analyze property and real estate market data to produce values that are consistent with those changes. We can examine the three approaches to value: cost, income, and sales comparison, and we then provide recommendations for determining the most accurate reflections of the marketplace.

Sound Appraisals
Current real estate markets present a challenge for assessors as selling trends are less stable and distressed sales are a higher proportion of the overall total number of sales. Tyler compares existing values to new values derived from sound appraisal principles.

Tyler’s valuation specialists can handle cost table calibration to local market, neighborhood delineation, land table construction, multiple regression modeling, market approach calibration, and income approach table construction — in order to produce accurate values. Tyler also uses the latest in spatial analysis tools and GIS-aided analysis to help identify all markets.

Overview of the process:

  1. Identify markets within your jurisdiction.
  2. Develop models relating price to property characteristics.
  3. Use the model to examine comparable sales prices to subject properties being valued.
  4. Select appropriate comparable sales for each subject.

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