Document Pro Title Company Import Utility

Document Pro Title Company Import Utility

Improve Customer Services with Quick, Dependable Data Transfers

Tyler’s Document Pro import utility offers county staff and clients easy-to-use and dependable methods of data transfer. This utility works in conjunction with Document Pro’s export application, offering outside organizations, such as title companies, the ability to import images and data from Document Pro directly into their system.

After exporting documents and images from Document Pro, users can then upload the export to an FTP site, transfer it to a portable media device (disk or jump drive), or e-mail it directly to the requesting entity. By using the import utility, information can be quickly and easily transferred into the end user's Document Pro system.

  • End-user-friendly and reliable.
  • Imports industry-standard compression for tiff images.
  • Uses an XML-formatted data structure.
  • Imports county-indexed data including party information, legal descriptions and relating document data.

The import procedure requires minimal effort and is accomplished in a matter of seconds. The import utility updates the existing database by adding new information entered or modified by the county.

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