Document Pro Fast Find Search Features

Document Pro Customizable Search Tool

Speed up Routine Work with System-Wide Search Features

Data Filtering and Reporting Tool
Empower county office staff with customizable search options. Through a familiar, easy-to-use Windows® interface staff can define their search criteria to quickly group, filter and perform multiple record actions.

  • Data filtering, sorting and reporting tool.
  • Precision drill-in capabilities.
  • Easily create ad hoc reports with only the necessary data.

Search Vast Range of Criteria
Having quick access to important data is vital when performing a land records search. The Document Pro smart search screen provides the capacity to search on a vast range of criteria, from document number and date ranges to the TRS for a specific piece of land. Custom indexing fields allows users to create their own searchable data entry fields. The quick search feature allows users to search using specific criteria from anywhere in the system.

  • User-friendly search screen interface.
  • Search for data from anywhere in system with quick search feature.
  • Search using a vast range of criteria: document number, date ranges, TRS and more.

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