Document Pro eCommerce Interface

Document Pro eCommerce Interface

Reduce Foot Traffic and Enhance Revenue

Providing quick, user-friendly access to public records while protecting confidential data is an essential objective for all counties. The eCommerce interface allows counties to provide a web-based searching solution to clients and the public. Document Pro offers many eCommerce revenue options, such as subscription access, open index information only searching, tracking the number of images printed and more.

24/7 Secure Access to County Records
With eCommerce, images and data are available for search and review whether users are across town or across the ocean. This versatile tool allows users to perform searches based on virtually any field to find a specific document or group of documents.

Secure Data
Document Pro’s secure site ensures that valuable images and data cannot be tampered with or changed in any way. Offsite storage and disaster recovery of duplicate information can be kept at one of Document Pro’s highly secure facilities.

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