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Integrated Government Software from Eagle

Integrated Local Government Software

Simplify your recording, appraisal, tax and content management

County governments manage a wide variety of complex of services, while adhering to budgets and keeping public officials and citizens happy. The Eagle product suite helps county agencies become more effective with advanced functionality easily accessible through an intuitive, straightforward software interface, enabling county workers and officials to deliver exceptional service to their constituents. From tax billing software to record management software, the Eagle product suite gives the county workforce the software they need to do their job effectively and efficiently.

Eagle offers a single-vendor solution for a true enterprise-wide solution. Because our solutions are built on the same innovative, scalable platform, you can customize each solution to meet your unique requirements — and still seamlessly interface with other departments. That means you can easily share information between departments to reduce data entry for staff, while creating a higher-level of accuracy and easier integration for reporting and analysis.

Tyler Nexus

Transforming Communities
with Tyler Nexus

Tyler Nexus is designed for local government. It connects essential software applications — appraisal, tax collections, records, community development, utility billing, asset maintenance, finance, administration and schools — on a distributed platform.

Tyler Nexus allows your organization to operate independently while sharing data and connecting processes between agencies and across jurisdictions.
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Only Tyler has the vision, expertise and passion to help you create connected, thriving communities across city, county, and regional boundaries.

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Superior Client Services

Tyler’s professionals provide industry-leading client services, including implementation, data conversion, training and technical support. Many members of our expert team worked in the public sector prior to joining Tyler, giving them in-depth knowledge that they bring to you every day. When you work with Tyler, you don’t just gain a technology solution to simplify your day-to-day operations — you gain a partner who is here to support you at every turn.

Technological Innovation

Unlike many software companies that serve many vertical industries, at Tyler we focus only on the public sector. That means we not only understand the unique opportunities and challenges you face every day, but we can also better anticipate your technology needs and create, deliver and support products that have the right features with the right technology at the right time.

We also subscribe to an evergreen philosophy, which means we evolve the technology and functionality of our products over time. Through ongoing updates, we can successfully and seamlessly transition you through each generation of technology.

And through our perpetual license commitment, once you purchase a Tyler county software product, you’ll never make another license investment for a new version, upgrade or enhancement to that product.