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Eagle Appraiser

Functional, versatile tools to put you in control.

For assessors and appraisers, it’s essential to have access to the proper tools for calculating and correlating real estate values. This functionality can be both complicated and challenging — from employing cost, market and income approaches and defining your own calculations to determining which property characteristics and attributes are used and displayed.

Eagle Appraiser is designed to adapt to any county appraiser's operational needs easily, quickly and flexibly. That’s because it is completely driven by metadata, from the base data through the calculation and workflow engines, right up to the user-interface.

While many competitors’ systems provide only limited base functionality and require extensive software development to customize, Eagle provides advanced functionality from day one. Its configuration tools make it simple to adapt the system to your precise needs.

In addition, Eagle offers:

  • Unique appraiser’s workspace
  • Cost, market and income approach to value
  • Field appraiser tools
  • Sketch integration with APEX

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Eagle Appraisal & Tax System-Wide Features

Thanks to Eagle’s innovative technology and Tyler’s unmatched experience in implementing solutions for local governments, you have everything you need to efficiently manage your essential data. At Tyler functionality, flexibility and long-term scalability come standard. Matched with our robust line-up of features, the Eagle Appraisal & Tax suite is your all-in-one solution.

  • Web-Enabled Public Access — Allow your constituents to search and access records, images and data over the Internet.
  • GIS Bi-Directional Integration — Access fully featured spatial mapping directly from the Eagle modules, allowing you to view maps from processing screens or drill down into account information from the map view.
  • Unparalleled Flexibility — Data characteristics and table-driven information are completely user-defined, eliminating the need for programming changes.
  • Powerful Data Versioning — Maintain a complete history of all corrections, changes and updates to your production data, so can analyze data from the past, present and future.
  • Workflow and Imaging — Improve your staff’s and the public’s access to information with integrated imaging to capture photos, correspondence, protest forms and notices of valuation.
  • Powerful Search Tool — Find the data you need quickly and easily with a robust search engine designed to handle simple or complex searches based on user-defined criteria.
  • Extensive Reporting — Meet the needs of your jurisdiction with an extensive set of standard reports and forms, as well as the integrated report creator to perform your own custom analysis.
  • Reliable & Secure — Protect public records with an ultra-reliable solution that includes multiple levels of security assigned to users at both the network and application levels.