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Centralized financial applications for more efficient operations.

Take charge of your day with Eden Financial Management. This powerful suite of enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions and applications helps streamline your most important office tasks — including all aspects of accounting, budgeting and procurement at the enterprise level. A core component of our advanced enterprise resource planning solution, Eden is specifically designed to work the way state and local governments do.

And because these ERP solutions and applications completely integrate with Eden Workforce Management and Eden Citizen Services and Revenues, it’s even easier to centralize financial processes throughout your enterprise.

  • True multi-fund accounting systems designed specifically for public sector.
  • Compliant with GAAFR and GAAP Standards.
  • Provides easy access to up-to-date and accurate data in real time.
  • Centralizes data and tools across the organization.
  • Reduces redundant data entry and creates a “single version of the truth.”
  • Delivers strategic insight into financial processes.
  • Provides real-time visibility into budget compliance, deviations and variances.

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Simplified Budgeting

With our Eden Advanced Budgeting software solution you have all the tools necessary to manage and monitor the budget process. Eden gives you a high level of flexibility — as it supports multiple budget scenarios, decision packages and customized budget reports. You can also compare transactions against budgets, run statistical data, link dollars to results — plus do a whole lot more — all in real time. Our advanced and easy-to-use tools help you manage both existing and projected budgets, as well as:

  • Build files from real-time historical information.
  • Create unlimited number of budget projections for up to 10 years forward.
  • Work in summary or detail views.
  • Define approval processes that fit your organization.
  • Use position budgeting to fully model all direct and indirect labor costs for future years.
  • Use decision packages to add an extra dimension beyond line items for narratives and what-if scenarios, as well as make changes to short-term, non-recurring projects and more.

Procurement Lifecycle

From requisition to purchase, Eden Financial Management streamlines the entire procurement life-cycle:

  • Bid & Quote Management generates RFPs and winning quotes into requisitions and creates contracts.
  • Distributed requisition entry provides complete flexibility, including user-defined data flow.
  • Combine multiple requisitions into a single purchase order or have one requisition generate multiple purchase orders.
  • Purchase orders have an unlimited number of line item descriptions and account distributions.
  • Comprehensive change order process lets users easily modify existing purchase orders.
  • Email-enabled routing feature within Purchasing allows for an entirely paperless requisition process.
  • Inventory accurately manages storage of materials within central stores or warehouses.
  • Contract Management provides complete control and visibility into vendor contracts, grant awards and other contracts.
  • Tyler Output Processor allows awards and supplements to be sent via multiple distribution channels, including fax, e-mail attachment, print or archived to Tyler Content Manager.
  • Vendors can manage bids and maintain business and contact information through Eden Web Extensions.
  • Accounts Payable provides detailed information such as profile fields, credit information and unlimited order and remittance addresses.

Fund Accounting

Eden provides you with all the tools you need to centralize accounting operations throughout your organization. Packed with flexible options and rich features, it is easily integrated with other applications. For example, all financial data is tied back to the General Ledger with automated Due To/Due From processing. Plus a flexible chart of accounts can be adapted to your organization’s needs — and all balances are updated in real time with each transaction. In addition, Eden Project Accounting provides an optional method for multi-year tracking of budgets, expenditures, and revenues for user-defined projects such as capital improvements, special programs, and more.

  • User-defined fiscal years and accounting periods.
  • Multiple fiscal years may be open at one time.
  • Distribute allocations automatically.
  • Perform real-time monitoring of available budget during entry.
  • Create journal entries from external data or spreadsheets.
  • Schedule recurring journal entries to run automatically.
  • Automatic end-of-period reversing documents.
  • Manage fixed assets with a complete set of financial statements.
  • Manage the collection of billed receivables and miscellaneous cash receipts, such as licenses, permits and registrations.

Web Extensions

Provide citizens, businesses and visitors with access to key financial information.

Accounts Payable Extension — Provide vendors and business partners with a way to easily manage and make inquiries on their account. Once registered, vendors and business partners can view paid and unpaid invoices, purchase orders and payment history, and can update vendor and contact information.

Bid & Quote Management Extension — Control which bid opportunities are accessible and which vendors the bid process is open to. Non-registered users can access active, completed and awarded bid summaries and details. Registered users can submit and manage bids and commodity profiles.

Contract Management Extension — Allow vendors to search and retrieve summary and detail information on contracts, payment activity, supplemental data, retainage history, insurance and other requirements.

Accounts Receivable Extension — Provide customers with access to view source transactions, open invoices currently due and make online credit card payments.