Choosing EnerGov

EnerGov Licensing & Regulatory Management Software

Why Choose EnerGov for Your Planning, Permitting & Licensing Software Needs?

Powerful, flexible software solution for enterprise workflow and process regulation

With mobile-enabled and geographic information system-based (GIS) technology, EnerGov streamlines regulatory processes governing licensing, permitting, land and asset management and citizen response while providing an intuitive user experience.

EnerGov empowers public sector jurisdictions across the country by:

GIS Creates Spatial Data and Broadens Data Usage

With Esri®-based GIS technology embedded into EnerGov, you get a dimensional view that allows you to visually interpret data and leads to clearer decision-making. With the added ability to link and share this data, each agency can benefit from information most pertinent to them. Learn more about EnerGov's GIS-centric technology »

Integrates Departments and Agencies

EnerGov is designed for collaboration and communication. Through the use of its central database, it fosters teamwork, improved efficiencies and information sharing among your internal departments, agency partners and citizens.

Actively Engages Citizens

EnerGov empowers you to increase interaction with citizens and develop a more engaged community. Use social media to improve transparency and open lines of communication, personalize reporting using publicly available information and leverage open data sources for tailored reporting or creating specialized apps that benefit your citizens.

Improving Operations Desk to Field

Hit the road with EnerGov! Selected as Esri’s 2012 Mobile Application of the Year, EnerGov's iG Workforce mobile apps give you the mobility you need without sacrificing efficiency, data safety or communication between the field and home office. Data is secure no matter where you roam to take notes, inspect sites, enforce codes or perform other daily tasks regardless of your proximity to a Wi-Fi connection.
Learn more about EnerGov mobile apps »

Creates Efficient Workflow

EnerGov's centralized workflow system unifies your data entry process among agencies and departments to enhance organizational performance,  reduce errors, create efficiencies in workflow and enhance communication.

Puts You in Control of Customized Reporting

Identify trends, associations, levels of performance and relationships with ease using EnerGov’s robust reporting and graphics-based construction tools. You will be able to control and construct the customized, on-demand views, filters of performance and aggregate data you need to build customized reports and forecast accurately.

What Clients Say

Watch the video and learn how EnerGov can help you work smarter, not harder.

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Integrated Departments
EnerGov breaks down data silos to improve teamwork and communication between agency departments.

  • Code Enforcement
  • Development
  • Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Facilities & Maintenance
  • Finance
  • Fire Safety
  • IT & GIS Mapping
  • Inspections
  • Land Control
  • Licensing
  • Planning & Zoning
  • Public Works
  • Revenue Collection
  • Transportation

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