Core Features

EnerGov's Integrated Core Features

EnerGov's Integrated Core Features

EnerGov’s integrated core features help you work smarter, not harder

Integrated within EnerGov products are fundamental features that make your job easier — managing all monetary transactions, tracking constituents and individuals conducting business with your agency and retrieving records to name a few.

Workflow EnerGov's purpose is to automate your permitting, planning and licensing regulatory procedures to help your agency and projects run more efficiently. By linking previously disconnected or disengaged partners and processes, heightening communication, maintaining accurate data in real time and synchronizing your work between field and office, your workflow is guaranteed to be smoother, answers and approvals will come quicker and your ROI will maintain an upward trend. Your agency is unique, and EnerGov is up to the challenge of conquering the workflow challenges you face every day.


Essential to every project are monetary transactions such as regulatory fees, taxes, asset and more. Management personnel are able to efficiently track and perform all payment processes using intuitive and programmable dashboards.

Central Contacts

Contacting, cataloguing and tracking constituents and individuals conducting business with your agency is no problem with EnerGov. Its contact management dashboard allows you to easily search, build mailing lists and combine personal data with location-based information relevant to your project.

Location Manager

This feature puts the power to retrieve custom fields and records associated with any location — such as the associated tax assessor and other miscellaneous documents — in the hands of the user. Contacts with local addresses can also be associated to a parcel or address for easy look-up or communication.

Content Manager

No more wasted time looking for project documents. Users can attach printed documents or pictures to any record, contact or parcel for easy searches and a comprehensive understanding of project progression.

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