EnerGov Citizen Self Service

EnerGov Citizen Engagement

Designed to bridge the gap between the community and community development

The public’s view of local government is vitally important to community development. Citizen demands can champion or sink local projects, as well as impact budgets and staff morale.

EnerGov Citizen Self Service helps you involve citizens in the community development process by providing online access to information and the ability to perform a wide range of tasks at their fingertips. With Citizen Self Service, citizens and contractors can search for a parcel, apply for a permit, request an inspection, pay invoices and more – 24/7/365.

Empower Your Constituents
Online tools ensure you maintain effective communication with citizens and contractors while eliminating the need for a phone call or office visit. With EnerGov Citizen Self Service, constituents have the power to: 

  • Search both Esri® GIS and EnerGov data
  • Start and save permit or plan applications for submittal at a later date
  • Request multiple inspections from numerous job sites in a single screen
  • Use shopping cart features to add multiple itemized invoices at various times and across multiple devices while paying at their convenience.

EnerGov Citizen Self Service

Empower Your Staff
Let your staff take back their day by streamlining key community development processes such as permit applications, fee payments and inspection requests. With EnerGov Citizen Self Service, your staff will benefit from:

  • Point-and-click administration interface with extensive configuration tools
  • Global updates that can be quickly and easily changed
  • Submittals, requests and payments updated in real time
  • Prompts and required fields designed to steer applicants to appropriate permit types and prevent incomplete submittals.

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