EnerGov GIS

EnerGov Built on Esri GIS Foundation

EnerGov Built on Esri GIS Foundation

GIS-based technology brings a new dimension to planning, permitting and licensing

Using Esri's industry leading geographic information system (GIS) platform, EnerGov's efficiency in design and function can revolutionize the organization and management of daily business processes through the consumption and use of spatial data.

GIS-Driven Solution

Tyler leads the industry by structuring EnerGov on a functionally critical bedrock of the Esri GIS platform in order to spatially link and share data with all interested parties from project concept to planning and approval.

Real-Time Data Visualization and Spatial Analysis

EnerGov's GIS map sources give you the potential to visualize or study individual assets as small as fire hydrants or multiple assets on a jurisdiction-wide basis in real time. Its heat mapping function not only displays in color the number of concentrated regulatory violations, inspection- or code-related assets and more, but also gives you the ability to layer pertinent data in order to visually track, interpret and report information. Trends, relationships and patterns that visually emerge based on multiple sources of spatial information allow for better planning, forecasting and decision-making.

EnerGov GIS

Workflow Management

Centralizing data on a spatial level heightens accuracy, enhances communication among agency partners and automates workflow processes. EnerGov accomplishes this by connecting previously disparate systems, which gives your agency the ability to maximize operational capacity and resources.


Using GIS mapping, field workers and back office staff can plan the most efficient route for inspectors to accomplish their daily goals.

Bi-Directional Communication from the Field

Using EnerGov's suite of mobile applications, field technicians are able to use GIS maps to travel to inspection sites, view location-based data and communicate bi-directionally with the back office in real time about location-based assets for more accurate operations and reporting.

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