Smart Communities

Smart Communities Driven by GIS Technology

Smart Communities Are Driven by GIS Technology

Learn how Tyler products and Esri® GIS technology drive smart communities.

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Just what is a smart community?

Future cities will be much smarter. Everything will be measured in real time and fine detail. GIS will play a major part in integrating real-time data and improving applications. The result will be better decisions, more efficiency, and improved communication.

– Jack Dangermond, Esri President

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Webinar: Empower Your Community with GIS Technology

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Tune in to hear Jeff Green, Tyler’s senior vice president of development, discuss the Esri® User Conference and how GIS impacts smart communities.

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Watch the Recorded Webinar

Want to learn more about the impact GIS technology is having on local governments like yours?
Learn from a panel of three industry experts how they're using GIS to transform their local governments into smart communities.

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Smart communities effectively collaborate across departments, operate at peak efficiency and build powerful bonds with citizens. An integral driving force behind their success is GIS.

Tyler and Esri have partnered to help equip local governments across the country with the tools they need to transform into smart communities. Tyler’s EnerGov product integrates seamlessly with Esri’s powerful GIS-based functionality to provide communities with the platform needed to improve efficiency and productivity while increasing transparency and collaboration.

GIS functionality helps move your organization forward by using spatial data to impact permitting and land management, licensing and regulatory processes and asset maintenance

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Open Data

Industry Insight Open DataSmart communities use open data to keep their constituents both informed and engaged. EnerGov’s open data service, EnerGov OData, allows your government organization more connectivity, flexibility and transparent communication with constituents than ever before. Using OData, your IT staff has the power to create specialized applications that display a customized combination of open source data in the GIS environment, on the Web, mobile devices, and for other external or community-based uses. With EnerGov OData, you have the flexibility and connectivity you need to display the information most pertinent to those you serve.

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