EnerGov eReviews for Easy Plan Digitization

EnerGov eReviews for Easy Plan Digitization

Providing powerful, automated electronic plan review features

Your agency's plan review and submittal process can now be administered within a paperless environment with EnerGov’s eReviews. Integrated with EnerGov’s ePortal and linked to EnerGov’s geographic information system (GIS) features for geospatial viewing and interaction, eReviews allows plans to be easily digitized so that all stakeholders involved can access and manage a quicker, more collaborative review and approval process.

EnerGov’s eReviews extension adds a unique and powerful dimension to the EnerGov platform. This technology allows your agency’s plan review and submittal process to be managed within a browser-based, paperless environment and easily interfaces with Permitting & Land Management.

EnerGov eReviews

EnerGov's eReviews is your answer to a more effective review process:

  • Paperless plan submission process
  • Powerful and seamless workflow collaboration within the EnerGov regulatory process
  • Digital markups and approval stamps
  • Analyze files with version overlay comparisons
  • Calibration, scaling and snap functions for measurements
  • Version control/comprehensive audit trail
  • Approved plans published for field inspector access
  • Plans archived for agency and emergency retrieval
  • Departmental permission and much more.

Users also enjoy collaborative interaction with constituents through seamless integration into EnerGov's Public ePortal. More importantly, eReviews allows agencies to link the digital review process to GIS (via EnerGov GIS based on Esri's ArcGIS Server) to allow for geospatial viewing, interaction and reporting.

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