Permitting & Land Management

EnerGov Permitting & Land Management Software

EnerGov Permitting & Land Management Software

Permitting software for managing regulatory permitting, project and land management

The regulatory processes of intake, submittal routings, fee calculation, approvals and inspections can be difficult and cumbersome at times. EnerGov's Permitting & Land Management software system makes these processes easier by automating governmental operations in land use planning, regulatory permitting, enforcement case management, inspections, citizen requests and more.

With EnerGov's multi-dimensional permitting software, planning, review and enforcement can now be done at the click of a mouse or touch of a screen in the field. Simply put, you will accomplish your goals more quickly whether in the office or the field, and that benefits your stakeholders, citizens, agency and your bottom line.

Increase Revenue with Effective Permit Management

In a perfect world, approvals would come exactly when you need them. EnerGov's permit software helps your agency deal with the reality of project details and cycles by color coding differing versions of plan review submittals and inspections so that project history can be tracked and fee revenue can be collected or recaptured.

Multiple Permits Always Accessible with Project Management

From smaller local projects to large-scale land development, Permitting & Land Management's Project Management module keeps related permits constantly accessible during the project management phase. Parameters for the number and type of allowable plans or permits can be easily controlled, and conditions for each are easily established in accordance with local ordinances.

Paperless Plan Management for Boundless Productivity

All types of plans at any project level can now be assessed with electronic plan review functionality. While actions within the workflow may be limited based on the type of record you are displaying, your productivity certainly won't be. And if you need to measure public outreach, review and hearing processes, it's no problem since the Plan Management module tracks all actionable items from meetings and hearings. The days of paper plan reviews are gone with EnerGov!

Greener, Faster and More Mobile Than Ever

Are you looking to take a greener approach to inspection management? Tyler can help. By receiving and scheduling inspection requests electronically, your office will see a significant decrease in phone calls and foot traffic, all interested parties will stay updated and communication will increase while you shuffle less paper. Field workers can also manage the inspection cycle through EnerGov's mobile applications and keep everyone updated in real time or as soon as connectivity is available.

Smoother Management of Infrastructure Fees

Managing infrastructure fees once land use plans are approved and conditions of approval are established can be taxing and confusing.Permitting & Land Management's Impact Management module eases the load by tying fees to a project or permits and establishing an easily monitored budgetary trail.

Integrate and Expand Functionality with Additional EnerGov Applications

Integration with other EnerGov software products gives you the power to expand your back office services and view comprehensive data in real time. EnerGov offers several add-on solutions that extend the functionality of your EnerGov products:

  • EnerGov eReviews allows plans to be easily digitized so that all managers involved can access and manage a quicker, more collaborative review and approval process.
    Learn more about eReviews »

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Who Uses Permitting & Land Management Software?
Permitting and land management software systems are used by a variety of public sector departments including:

  • Building & Construction
  • Code Enforcement
  • Community Development
  • Engineering
  • Fire Safety
  • Land Control
  • Planning
  • Public Works
  • Revenue Collection
  • Storm Water Management
  • Tax Remittance
  • Transportation