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EnerGov Public Access

EnerGov Public Access

Multiple solutions to help you stay connected to agencies and citizens

At Tyler, our goal is to help you be more accessible and responsive to your citizens. We know that's important if you want grass roots involvement in local government, and that's why EnerGov offers you multiple solutions for public transparency, sharing news and updates, reporting, public feedback and more. If you want your citizens to stay informed and engaged, EnerGov is your best solution.

Social Media

Get and stay connected to your community. We recognize an essential connection to your community must exist in order to respond and evolve according to their needs. Using social media channels like Facebook and Twitter and automated communication as the conduit, you have the ability to achieve your desired level of transparency with citizens when it comes to community development initiatives, status updates and much more.


EnerGov's ePortal is a fully integrated component of the EnerGov system and extends its flexibility and functionality across the Web to citizens and customers 24/7. ePortal allows contractors, developers, applicants, citizens and others access to community development and regulatory services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week — all through a user-friendly web portal. Constituents also have convenient access to actionable results which are immediately posted for efficient routing, scheduling and updating. With the capability to instantly collaborate with citizens and other governmental entities, everyone wins by resolving issues in a shorter amount of time.

Open Data

EnerGov's open data service, EnerGov OData, allows your government organization more connectivity, flexibility and transparent communication with constituents than ever before. Using OData your IT staff the power to create specialized applications that display a customized combination of open source data in the GIS environment, on the Web, mobile devices, and for other external or community-based uses. With EnerGov OData, you have the flexibility and connectivity you need to display the information most pertinent to those you serve.

Citizen Connect App — Coming Soon!

People in your community will be able to use this app to instantly initiate a request or complaint, pinpoint the location on a map or even attach a picture relating to an incident such as a fallen sign or pothole in need of repair.

Automated Telephony Requests

Access to community development and inspection-related services is now as close as your touch-tone phone. Inspection requests are easily submitted and immediately posted for easy access and scheduling. Automated inspection results and permit applications can also be viewed real time at any time of day.

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