Public Maintenance Management

EnerGov Public Maintenance Management Software

Public Maintenance Management Software

Streamlined management of infrastructure assets, inventory, work orders and more

Keeping up with agency assets and inventory is a challenge. EnerGov Public Maintenance Management is designed to streamline this process. Our tools not only have the brains to govern assets, inventory and work orders, but also the brawn to configure automated tasks, spatially map assets and affiliate them to single or multiple sources, track information to assure assets and costs are accurate and accounted for and always keep you in compliance.

Work Orders and Equipment

Work order management has never been easier. Configured tasks associated with work orders can auto-generate forms or communication for you, and user-defined recurrence cycles can generate maintenance work orders so that planned maintenance will keep assets in compliance with industry standards.

Service requests can be quickly escalated and associated to a resulting work order, and the integrated map viewer gives users the ability to produce work orders that correlate to one or many assets, internal employees or contractors for easier tracking in the back office.

Equipment tracking is another key element for simplifying work order management. Whether rented or owned by the jurisdiction, associated calendars can display past and scheduled equipment usage. Additional features allow for maintenance history and accurate cost tracking.

Inventory Management

EnerGov Public Maintenance Management helps you manage inventory. Managing and tracking data such as predefined re-order points, manufacturer and vendor details and critical spare quantity parameters associated to each item assist in accurately handling the daunting task of daily inventory control. Any inventory item can be affiliated with single or multiple warehouse locations and track preferred vendor data, purchase amounts and warranty information.

Who Uses Public Maintenance Management Software?

Public maintenance management software solutions are used by a number of public sector agencies and departments including:

  • Engineering
  • Facilities
  • Environmental Health
  • Land Control
  • Parks Management
  • Public Works
  • Storm Water Management
  • Transportation

A Typical Day in the Field

Stay connected in the field with EnerGov Public Maintenance Management.